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Troops drives powerful, actionable CRM data and workflows into Microsoft Teams

Microsoft for Startups

Increasingly, employees spend their time working in powerful communications and collaboration environments like Microsoft Teams as they accomplish their tasks, follow their schedules, and build the business. Troops offerrs a no-code solution that connects back-end systems of record with Microsoft Teams to more efficiently capture and inject timely, revenue-critical business information into familiar, conversational workflows.

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CustomerX.I Founder Hakeem James is leveling the retail playing field for mom-and-pop shops

Ted Roduner

Hakeem James served as VP of Product for one of the largest couponing companies in the world. Here he worked with global Fortune 100 retailers and saw firsthand how powerful data and data science can be in understanding and better serving customers. He also saw that the benefits of this data revolution were consolidating with the big players leaving smaller businesses with razor thin margins behind. Read what he did next