Blog do Microsoft para Startups

When people ask me about my role at Microsoft for Startups, they are often trying to understand the nature of our business and what exactly we do for startups. It’s easy to summarize with our slogan “You’re here to do great things. We’re here to help.” ... We aim to provide a host of resources, from technology to marketing support, and everything in between. At its core, Microsoft for Startups exists to alleviate the specific challenges and pain points that startups face. One of those critical pain points, especially for B2B startups, is building a sales team and strategy. We heard again and again from founders that “sales” is at the top of their list of things they need help with. So, I set out to build an in-depth strategy guide that can help founders build a team, create a sales strategy, and implement that strategy in short order. That’s how we created The Sales Operations Playbook, a 90 plus page primer that can help startups, or any professional, learn how to build and operate a sales organization.