Announcing the First Batch to Join the New Microsoft Accelerator Shanghai

We are proud to announce the 14 market-ready startups selected to join our Shanghai Accelerator program!

After three months of rigorous recruitment culminating in an incredible Jury Day, we’ve selected companies from across cutting-edge technologies and applications like big data, IOT, fintech, digital marketing and artificial intelligence, to name a few.

According to Hsiao-Wuen Hon, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, Chairman of Microsoft’s Asia-Pacific R&D Group, and Managing Director of Microsoft Research Asia, “Innovative technologies like cloud computing, big data, AI, machine learning and IoT are driving digital transformation across the world and bringing new challenges and opportunities to every industry. Through Microsoft Accelerator Shanghai, we will share our advanced technologies, resources and experiences, and help more startups achieve more.”

The incoming startups make up our Shanghai Accelerator’s first-ever batch!

Innovative technologies like cloud computing, big data, AI, machine learning and IoT are driving digital transformation across the world and bringing new challenges and opportunities to every industry.

Last October, we opened applications for our new accelerator in Shanghai—Microsoft’s second in China. As a global initiative designed to help promising startups grow into world-class companies, Microsoft Accelerator chose Shanghai for its strong entrepreneurial environment, access to the global market, and to complement our award-winning Beijing program.

“We are seeing great innovation coming from Chinese startups who are achieving global success enabled by our Beijing accelerator,” said Zack Weisfeld, General Manager of the global Microsoft Accelerator program. “Microsoft is proud to be increasing our startup footprint and creating more opportunities for Chinese startups with our second accelerator in China.”

Over the next four months, our Shanghai team will help bring these later-stage startups’ ideas to market via mentorship, access to technology, customer and investor introductions, free office space, and myriad other resources. Collectively, the 14 companies joining our program have raised over $58 million in funding.

Please join us in welcoming Batch One!

SchoolPal Online (Hangzhou) Technology Corporation provides a complete SaaS information solution for education organizations. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining technologies, SchoolPal’s products cover ERP systems, learning management systems and online marketing tools. The company’s team is composed of graduates from Cambridge and experienced talent from Baidu and Alibaba.
Caicloud Technology leverages container technology and Google-like large-scale clustering techniques to build an elastic, agile, and intelligent Cloud management layer that runs anywhere (on-premise, public clouds, or in a hybrid way). Founding members are ex-Googlers.
Ruff is an operating system designed for IoT application development. Ruff currently supports more than 50 chipset series and major development boards, like Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, etc. Ruff is not only suitable for rapid prototyping, but also for real world mass production environments.
EasyOps technology (Shen Zhen) Co. Ltd. provides one-stop application management solutions covering continuous delivery, continuous deployment, operation automation, application monitoring and more.
Hangzhou CloudBrain Technology Co. Ltd provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) cloud services to enterprises. CloudBrain’s team is made up of experts in both China and the Silicon Valley. The company assists enterprises with transforming their big data into profits.
BIGSEC helps enterprises increase their risk detection rate and prevention capabilities when facing Spam Bots, Online Fraud, Web Scraping, and Network Hijack etc. Behavioral intelligence enables BIGSEC to identify the risk through data-backward, malicious behavior and user portraits.
JUPITER INC. Yinchengku is the “Alipay” for enterprises, particularly for SME: the company provides services in integration of third-party payment, cash management and supply chain financing to enterprises. For the past 2 years, Yinchengku, allied with most tier 1 internet financial service platforms, has provided over 35 billion RMB of banknote to the market, making it the leading B2B banknote service company in China.
iCubicVR Technology Inc focuses on providing automatic cloud VR video processing that is compatible with different types of  VR capture devices. With iCubicVR’s self-developed technology on computer vision and graphics, 3D VR videos can be automatically generated. Current VR companies can only generate 10% of videos while 90% stitch process is manually converted, which results in much higher costs.
Minieye contributes to lead change in the auto industry by utilizing cutting-edge computer vision technology and providing visual perception system for vehicles. Minieye follows a development project on Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) funded by the MDA of Singapore government.
Shanghai EasyRetailPro Tech, founded in 2015, provides Social CRM and Marketing Cloud SaaS for retail brands. Precise Touchpoint + Target marketing. |
The Shanghai G2link Network Technology Co., Ltd. team uses information technology to construct an urban joint distribution platform, which employs IoT and Big Data techniques to achieve digital and smart logistics. Integrating the professional warehouse operation and distribution partners into G2LINK, the company provides volume-based service for owners of cargo. The three products are Urban Joint Distribution Center, Digital Park and Urban Trucks Monitor System.
Lavector Technologies LLC employs real-time image recognition and predictive analytics to empower business clients’ interactive marketing capability with AI technology. Lavector’s current SaaS product offers an innovative workflow for marketers to gain real-time consumer insights, plan automated social media campaigns and benefit from predictive-based social CRM systems. The company currently serves over thirty enterprise clients in the FMCG, retail, automotive and entertainment industries.
Suzhou Beyondcent Software Co., Ltd.’s BoCloud provides professional cloud computing service for enterprise customers, focusing on PaaS technology. BoCloud helps enterprises achieve private hybrid Cloud Architecture of IT system and automatic maintenance, to realize the unification of multiple resources management. The company’s core management team comes from the ISCAS, Microsoft, Ali cloud, HUAWEI. BoCloud has a number of independent intellectual property rights in the IaaS/PaaS/Automation Maintenance field.
Shanghai Kyligence Information Technology Co. Ltd’s Kyligence offers an intelligent platform and product built on Apache Kylin™ for providing business analytics solutions. Kyligence was founded by core Kylin PMC members from eBay, IBM, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley. The company provide all-around IT consulting services: from website development on a global computer network to SAAS consultancy.


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