Microsoft for Startups

"Partnering with Microsoft for Startups has been a dream come true. Quite literally we would not have been able to launch the accelerator without the support of Microsoft and so it's really impressive to me that an organization the size of Microsoft can work with a company the size of ours and really make a difference in the way that they have."

Christie Pitts

General Partner, Backstage Capital

Backstage Capital

"Since the beginning of STATION F, our goal has been to provide the best programs and resources for startups. As a leader in AI, Microsoft has been the ideal partner to run our program in Artificial Intelligence with the Microsoft AI Factory. We've been pleased to see many great startups come out of this program, including the first startup to ever be acquired at STATION F,"

Roxanne Varza

Director, STATION F


"Our partnership with Microsoft has provided Techstars companies with access to one of the world's key technology companies. Microsoft has been a long-time partner of Techstars and we continually hear from founders how valuable the partnership is by providing access to products and services as well as to startup-focused resources to leverage expertise and networks."

Erin Ford

Senior Director of Partnerships, Techstars


"Microsoft has been a dynamic partner that has been supportive of our women entrepreneurs across stage and industry. From Emerging Tech and Fashion Tech programs to the Springboard Dolphin Tank, Microsoft has provided unique expertise and 1:1 support for our founders who are always looking for an internal champion to create mutually beneficial relationships."

Anna Consani

Director of Community and Partnerships, Springboard Enterprises

Springboard Enterprises

Collaboriamo con centinaia di importanti investitori, acceleratori, hub per l'innovazione e altre organizzazioni che supportano startup in tutto il mondo. Ecco alcuni dei partner con cui collaboriamo.

Generatori di startup

Collaboriamo con le organizzazioni di supporto di startup leader di settore per offrire alle startup con cui lavorano il supporto necessario per il ridimensionamento del rispettivo business.


Ci impegniamo per contribuire alla definizione di un futuro in cui l'imprenditorialità rappresenta la diversità del mondo in cui viviamo e la tecnologia viene usata per migliorarlo.

Hub per l'innovazione

Collaboriamo con la community e con organizzazioni che sviluppano ecosistemi per offrire alle community opportunità per raggiungere risultati migliori.