Microsoft for Startups and Yazamiyot’s Acceleration Program for Women Entrepreneurs

Date Updated: Thursday, June 4, 2020

Yazamiyot is Israel’s leading community for women entrepreneurs. Founded in 2012 by Hilla Ovil-Brenner the community now number over 5000 members across a wide range of business verticals.

This year Yazamiyot teamed up with Microsoft for Startups to deliver an intensive 10-week acceleration to provide Yazamiyot members with a program of curated content backed by Microsoft’s resources, to help each startup improve their POC opportunities with potential corporate customers.

Ovil-Brenner explained, “Our vision is to dramatically increase the presence of women entrepreneurs in the hi-tech and bio-tech industries, by offering them practical tools and enabling unique business opportunities, both domestic and foreign.”

Raz Bachar, MD for Microsoft for Startups in Israel said, “We are extremely proud to partner with Yazamioyt to promote female entrepreneurship. This is the first program in Israel, supported by an international company like Microsoft, aimed at helping female founders scale their businesses and prepare for global success.”

Here are the 14 companies that formed the first cohort of the Yazamiyot/Microsoft for Startups accelerator.


Co-founder & CEO – Nitzan Gal

Clique is an all-in-one online platform for professional community builders, allowing them to reach their business goals by using customizable digital solutions. Clique provides both the internal management tools to replace messy CRMs and the external tools to ignite connectivity and collaboration between members in the best way. Learn more about at their LinkedIn page.



Co-founder & CEO – Noga Perry

eLoomina provides large corporations insights to reduce employee misbehavior and internal risks using behavioral algorithms and AI technology. Learn more about eLoomina at their LinkedIn page.



Founder & CEO – Chedva Kleinhandler

Emerj fuels employee learning and development by unlocking the resources around them. It allows organizations to scale their knowledge and culture and get an organizational “health check” on learning needs and employee issues. Their first-gen, knowledge-sharing platform is being used by Fortune 500 paying clients. Learn more about Emerj at their LinkedIn page.

Faster Than Light


CEO – Elissa Shevinsky

Faster Than Light has built the fastest way to test code for security and quality issues. We also offer code certification, which allows companies to de-risk and prove security to stakeholders.



Founder & CEO – Oshrat Ben Moshe

Innovative digital platform for business travel insurance and management solutions for hi-yech companies. Learn more about Ginger at their LinkedIn page.



Co-founder & CTO – Amit Gilat

Lagoon is a no-code platform that allows investment analysts to use data science without the need to write a single line of code. Combining the experience of the professionals and the insights from the data allowing them to understand and influence the results. Learn more about Lagoon at their LinkedIn page.



Nemodata brings precision medicine concepts into the transportation industry. Nemodata’s technology revolves around an AI core of adaptive, complex system models that predict mechanical failures in heavy vehicles weeks before they happen providing fleet operators with an optimized maintenance schedule to reduce maintenance and fuel costs, prevent breakdown and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about Nemodata at their LinkedIn page.

Predicta Med


Co-founder & CEO – Shlomit Steinberg-Koch

50 million people in the USA suffer from autoimmune diseases which are listed among the top ten leading causes of death. Surprisingly, it takes more than six years and five different doctors on average to get a correct diagnosis. Predicta Med’s revolutionary platform shortens the diagnostic process in years, optimizes provider treatment, cuts payer costs and improves people’s lives. Learn more about Predicta Med at their LinkedIn page.


Co-founder & CEO - Anastasia Logvinenko is the world's first creative analysis AI that answers creative content-related questions in real time. The platform enables marketers to get answers about their creatives, provide insight and suggestions. offers the proof marketers need to make amazing creative work.



Founder & CEO – Ronit Zimmer

Rephraser automatically rephrases entire sentences to optimize sentence structure and vocabulary, and ensure conciseness, precision and fluency. Unlike current grammar tools that offer suggestions for specific grammar and spelling errors, Rephraser identifies and corrects the structural issues prevalent in non-native English writing, to ensure effective communication for the 1 billion non-native speakers who write in English on a daily basis. Learn more about Rephraser at their LinkedIn page.



CEO – Hanadi Said

Enable Data center managers to optimize performance, reduce cost and ensure SLA compliance. Sensai develops a software-based, real-time monitoring tool utilizing machine learning models to identify and predict network anomalies, trace them to their root cause and suggest relevant corrective actions. Learn more about Sensai at their LinkedIn page.



Co-founder & CEO – Tamar Schapira

SenseIT offers automatic functional testing for web accessibility. Learn more about SenseIT at their LinkedIn page.


Co-founder & CEO – Lee Kappon enables organizations to gain visibility and obtain control over their sensitive and private data. Using autonomous learning ability, helps organizations discover and protect sensitive information, avoid leakage and comply with privacy regulations. Learn more about at their LinkedIn page.



Co-founder and CEO – Tal Parnass

Introducing the world's first tongue-based operating system, enabling users to control digital devices without relying on their hands. Tongo’s award winning technology wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to smartphones, computers, gaming consoles, IoT and even wheelchairs, unlocking the tongue’s immense potential to revolutionize the world of gaming and change the lives of people with disabilities. Learn more about Tongo at their LinkedIn page.

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