With a Focus on AI, Microsoft for Startups is Coming to Web Summit 2018

This year has seen an ever-increasing focus on AI from across multiple areas of the tech industry. This has proven especially true for B2B startups as they build technologies to help enterprises provide more efficient and powerful solutions while increasing affordability.

AI has also been an important focus for Microsoft for Startups and for Microsoft ScaleUp as the programs look to expand collaboration and support for AI startups. Just recently for example, the head of Microsoft ScaleUp Tel Aviv, Navot Volk, took a deep dive into the ways AI startups and industry players can filter out marketing hype as they build or search for AI solutions.

That focus will also be visible at Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, where Microsoft is taking a prominent role in discussing this important subject. Leading the effort is Microsoft President Brad Smith, who will provide a talk on AI titled “Opportunities for people in an age of AI” on November 7th to be followed by a Q&A later that day. You can see everything we’re doing here.

Web Summit

Microsoft is also hosting a number of events and workshops over the course of Web Summit to provide startups and partners alike with a chance to see the amazing work being done in AI and across a number of other fields by Microsoft, its partners, and by emerging startups that are participating in Microsoft for Startups programs. The full details and schedule can be found here.

One highlight of the sessions is an overview of Microsoft for Startups from the Managing Director of Microsoft ScaleUp London, Warwick Hill, on November 7th.

In addition, as part of its continuing efforts to support AI and B2B startups, Microsoft for Startups is bringing some of its partner startups to the event. If you’re attending Web Summit, you’re invited to come by the Microsoft booth and meet these amazing startups for yourself. Below you can find out more about the startups coming to Web Summit.




“Unbabel's ‘Translation as a Service’ platform enables global enterprises to understand and be understood by their customers in dozens of languages. Unbabel’s unique combination of machine and human intelligence enables multilingual communication at a quality, speed and scale that simply wasn’t possible before. Major brands such as Facebook, easyJet and Under Armour have Unbabel deeply integrated into their customer communication workflows, either via API or a native integration with leading customer experience platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, and Freshworks.

“Why people should come talk to us:

“Learn how to remove language barriers in your customer communications without changing your workflows, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing response times in the process. Put your customers first regardless of what languages they speak, all while achieving operational efficiency and flexibility at scale.”





“Voiceitt's new speech recognition technology is designed for people with highly non-standard speech correlated with various motor disabilities and disorders. The company’s first product, currently in closed beta testing, is a hands-free speech recognition mobile app that enables face-to-face, real-time verbal communication with friends, family, and strangers. In addition, Voiceitt is exploring integration of its core technology into mainstream voice-driven devices like smart homes and smart speakers - thus enabling access to these devices for individuals with speech disabilities.


“Why people should come talk to us:

“Because when speech-driven technologies are designed for anyone - regardless of physical challenges, limitations or disability- then everyone benefits.

“If you care about ensuring the universal accessibility of new voice technologies, come talk to us. We're seeking collaborative opportunities: product piloting, clinical research, community awareness, and software (API) integration. We're also recruiting :)”


Zen City

Zen City:

“ZenCity is the only data analytics tool tailored especially for city leaders to help them automatically and continuously understand resident feedback on a wide-scale. ZenCity collects and analyzes millions of resident-generated data points from sources like social media, city hotlines, and more. Using AI, ZenCity transforms the data into real-time and ongoing insights. Local governments use ZenCity to prioritize resources, track performance and connect with their community.


“Why people should come talk to us:

“Understand how cities use AI to incorporate citizen opinions and sentiment into their decision-making processes and performance management, in real time and over time.”