Why I Chose Startup Grind – And Why You Should, Too

Running a startup is hard. It's like traipsing through a minefield and you're just trying to find your way successfully from one end to the other. Facing these challenges as a founder can be a lonely experience, and every now and then, you find yourself second-guessing your entrepreneurial decisions. So you turn to other founders, you network, you attend conferences.

But lot of startup conferences have a "how can you help me?" quality about them. If attendees discover you aren't an investor, you'll get a quick 'nice to meet you,' and they're off.

Not Startup Grind, though.

Haje Jan Kamps from Triggertrap and Yuka Kojima from Fove

Startup Grind is an awesome conference—not just because of the speakers (who were absolutely phenomenal in Silicon Valley this year), but because of its ethos, which goes against that somewhat mercenary style of networking. In fact, the ethos of Startup Grind is: give first, help others, and make friends.

I think Startup Grind is one of the few conferences I've attended that has actually delivered true value. The speakers are inspiring and knowledgeable, but the real magic happens in the networking and conversations that occur outside the theatre.

To me, that's what startup conferences are all about: an opportunity to talk to founders and startup teams that are in the same situation as you; they've seen the promised land, but they also know how hard it can be to get there.

More importantly, they all have different sets of expertise, and you have an opportunity to help one another build a roadmap through the minefield. Sure, some of the mines may still get you, but at least you’ll be able to avoid a few. And that's invaluable.

Check out the full list of upcoming Startup Grind events located around the globe—I know I will.

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