Welcoming Microsoft Ventures’ 4th cohort

Date Updated: Friday, October 5, 2018

Microsoft Ventures UK’s 4th cohort started on October 5th. The selection was very hard as the judges went through more than 340 disruptive start-ups. Finally, the panel of judges accepted 8 promising start-ups based on the team, their technology, the quality of the leader, and the potential to raise Series A venture funding (£1.5) within 12 months after having finished the programme.


Microsoft Ventures has helped many start-ups launch their businesses, but one of the most successful was TruRating, who were in the last cohort. TruRating built a product enabling customers to rate their experience when they pay. They raised £9.6m (since 2014) supported by the Microsoft technology stack and as part of the cohort were intensively coached with business, architecture and advisory reviews on funding and investing.

The 8 start-ups that form the latest cohort are:

  • Alfred Smart Homeis a single app that gives you complete control of all your smart home devices. From entertainment systems to security, heating and lighting Alfred is working with the leading manufacturers to simplify your home connectivity into one app.
  • @AlfredSmartHome
  • Farmfloautomates many of the complex compliance, traceability and regulatory procedures involved in modern farming.
  • @farmflo
  • Ingress Onesimplifies the experience for guests visiting your office, replacing guest sign in books, with an app. It is a SaaS platform to manage building entry and access control via mobile and tablet apps.
  • @ingressone
  • Antstreammonetises decades of classic video games. There are 40 years of sought after video games that are perfect for today's casual audience but are incompatible with modern devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, PC/Mac’s, Consoles, and SmartTVs. The Antstream technology enables us to instantly monetise these great games and deliver royalties back to content owners.
  • PremFinasupplies insurance brokers with a white label solution consisting of both the software to manage the sale of insurance policies to consumers and businesses as well as the financing to enable their customers to pay via monthly instalment plans. Brokers, currently restricted by inflexible offerings of incumbent premium finance companies, are now able to offer their own branded premium financing, creating a vital company asset.
  • @PremFina
  • Pobbleis a global literacy initiative with a mission to create a more literate world, by giving teachers a means to inspire young writers and provide children with a global audience for their work.
  • @HeyPobble
  • TIQexplores new grounds and technology to make people live and work smarter. TIQ, believe we can achieve this by collecting and analysing existing data that employees generate while working. We use this data to eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks from their workday.
  • @tiqtime
  • Converfittransform the web analytics world, changing the actual scenario and giving a more reactive tool to increase the conversion rate. Using Converfit App every single visit will create an auto-timeline that tells what the users are doing in the website, what dress she is watching, what pages he is interested... this timeline allows to understand better what is going on in your website.
  • @converfit

These exciting ventures are taken in a 4-month program where they will be trained by high level thoroughly picked, committed mentors. They are all offered half million of Dollar of Microsoft technologies. Moreover, Microsoft’s wingspan offers to the cohort introductions to some of the biggest industry related players to grow their business faster.

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