Wearable World Holds First Demo Day

On Tuesday, Wearable World hosted their first Demo Day at their headquarters in San Francisco. Seventeen startups that graduated from Wearable World’s incubator pitched their ventures to a packed house of investors, entrepreneurs and other thought leaders in the startup community.

While every company pitched a great product, here are descriptions of a few that stood out to me:

  • Remedy – Remedy allows care providers to interact and connect hands-free with their patients in any location from their tablet or phone. Their technology uses industry-standard encryption to ensure the patent’s information remains secure.
  • Grush – Grush is a gaming toothbrush for kids that incentivizes kids to commit and do a better job brushing their teeth. There are a range of games kids can play, from fighting tooth monsters hiding in teeth to flying airplanes or taking care of virtual pets.
  • Skully Helmets – Skully Helmets is a startup that designs smart helmets for motorcycle riders with an intelligent heads-up display system, a full 180-degree rear view camera, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation and voice control. They have an innovative technical design and safety application.
  • Zackees – Zackees makes gloves for cyclists that have arrow-shaped strings of LEDs, which cyclists can use to signal that they’re turning. The gloves are designed so the cyclist can signal in front of them without having to take their hands off of the handle bars. Zackees was developed by a former Google engineer, a fashion designer, and a robotics specialist.

Wearable World Holds First Demo Day

Wearable World also hosts a number of events, including Glazed Conference, which takes place June 3-4th in San Francisco and Wearable Wednesdays taking place in cities like London, New York and San Francisco.

Below is a full list of startups who presented at Wearable World Demo Day:

As more and more users adopt wearable technologies and see the Internet of Things become a part of their everyday lives, several startups and accelerators have been formed around these specific trends. Highway1 is a startup incubator focused specifically on hardware, as is HAXLR8R and Lemnos Labs.

Microsoft Ventures is enthusiastically watching this space and is specifically interested in high-quality startups who are creating differentiated solutions in the wireless connectivity arena.