Video News App Watchup Receives Seed Investment from Microsoft Ventures

We are always interested in startups that bring incredible services to their customers. That’s why we’re pleased to announce a seed fund investment in Watchup.

The company reinvents the way we watch news, with a personalized multi-channel experience. Known as the “Hulu for news,” Watchup features the world's top news outlets all in one place, now available on iPad and Google Glass.

Video News App Watchup Receives Seed Investment from Microsoft Ventures

CEO and co-founder Adriano Farano knows it’s a hassle jumping back and forth between browsers and apps when trying to get your daily dose of news. The service aggregates video content from several media outlets, like AP, ABC and CNN, and brings them together in a centralized hub. He created Watchup to decrease search time and give news junkies instant access to a wide variety of sources.

Watchup also helps you multitask and recreate your news ritual with a clever scheduling feature: you pick the time of day for Watchup to deliver a personal newscast tailored to your interests. While watching a report, you can also browse for more videos, edit your channel lineup, reorganize your newscast and even read related print articles for more context. And it’s smart. Watchup will learn which channels you like best and deliver your daily newscast based on your preferences and behavior.

“Our service caters to the digital world of 24-hour news cycles where breaking news can come from any source,” said Adriano Farano, founder and chief executive officer, Watchup. “Our goal is to have personalized content find our customers to save them the hassle of searching through multiple sources. Working with Microsoft Ventures provides an opportunity to scale our services to new customers around the world.”

Watchup raised $1,000,000 USD from several investors in their recent round of funding, including Microsoft Ventures, StartX, Knight Foundation, Ned Lamont, Tom Yellin and Gerald McIntyre. We’re looking forward to helping them scale their services to more platforms and customers.

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