Teaming with Female Founders Alliance to Change the Landscape for Women Entrepreneurs

Today, Female Founders Alliance (FFA), a national network of startup founders, investors, partners and supporters, announced the kicked off their second accelerator cohort Ready Set Raise. Microsoft for Startups is proud to partner with FFA to support the accelerator. Of the 400 women and non-binary-led companies that applied, less than two percent were selected. Congratulations to all of the admitted founders.


Ready Set Raise


FFA has a proven track record of not only supporting highly scalable, female and non-binary-led startups, but of serving as a catalyst to drive important discussions and bring together the community surrounding these founders. FFA is perfectly aligned to our charter of helping startups around the world accelerate their success and we’re inspired by the potential of this cohort.

To learn more about the tremendous startups taking part, please check out the following post.