Startups Light Up Microsoft Ignite

Date Updated: Friday, November 1, 2019

On Monday, Microsoft Ignite our premier customer event kicks off in Orlando, Florida.  

Microsoft Ignite is designed for anyone who is motivated to be on the frontier of innovation and tech. We recognize that the role of IT has shifted considerably, as has the way IT decisions are made. Therefore, our keynotes and sessions are meant for all roles, from developers and IT implementers to those who make large-scale purchasing decisions for enterprise tech and security solutions. For those that can’t attend, there are more ways to participate.   

  • View the event live with Microsoft Ignite Live show streaming on our homepage – starting on Monday at 8:45 AM ET and will run Monday, Nov. 4 – Thursday, Nov.7.
  • View all sessions on-demand starting with the Vision Keynote presented by Satya Nadella on November 4, 2019 at 9:00 AM ET on our homepage.
  • Microsoft Ignite will be on tour to a city near you. Check out more information at

The Microsoft for Startups Team is hosting a Startup Gallery at the event where we have invited 8 innovative startups from across our portfolio to showcase their solutions to attendees.  If you’re in Orlando, we invite you to come by and check them out.   You can read more below.


Actionable Science “Virtual People at Work”

Actionable Science's AI-powered Virtual People make it easy for enterprise support teams to improve productivity, enhance customer experiences, increase employee satisfaction and lower costs. Check out this video to learn more about Actionable Science or visit them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Augmentir, Inc. “Powering Frontline Workers with AI”

The Augmentir Platform connects front-line workers into the digital fabric of your organization and delivers augmented instructions to guide workers to a new level of productivity and quality. The embedded AI/ML engine provides actionable insights that focuses the organization on the largest capturable opportunities, helping drive continuous improvement initiatives in the areas of productivity, training, quality and operations. Agumentir Inc. can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook or check out this short video to learn more.


Codefresh “Kubernetes-Native CI/CD”

Winner of the Microsoft Build Pitch Competition, Codefresh is a Continuous Integration and Delivery platform built for Docker from the ground up. It helps companies automate their Docker workflow and streamline the lifecycle of Docker images (build, run, test, deploy). Check out Codefresh on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook or watch this brief video to learn more.  


Dremio is a data-as-a-service platform created by veterans of open source and big data technologies that offers a fundamentally new approach to data analytics that helps companies get more value from their data, faster. This video gives more insight into Dremio’s mission or check them out on LinkedIn and Twitter


Integris “Use Your Data Without Fear.TM ”

Integris Software, the global leader in data privacy automation, helps enterprises discover and control the use of sensitive data in a way that protects privacy, fuels innovation, and navigates increasingly complex consumer privacy regulations. Enjoy this short video to learn more about Integris or visit Integris on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook


SecuriThings “Edge-to-Edge IoT Visbility”

SecuriThings’ mission is to bring peace of mind to IoT Service Providers and Enterprises with their connected devices. SecuriThings utilizes advanced Machine Learning to detect and mitigate cyber-attacks in real-time by putting a spotlight on each and every edge device. Learn more on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook or watch this video to learn more about SecuriThings end to end security for IoT solutions.


Volterra “Distributed Platform for Apps & Data”

Volterra is harnessing edge computing to enable a new generation of global applications. Learn more about Volterra on LinkedIn.


Squigl “Quick to Create. Quick to Learn.”

Squigl is an AI-based DIY Video Software that transforms written or spoken text into engaging Whiteboard Animation videos - No Experience Required. With applications in the professional, education, and enterprise sectors, see how Squigl combines Science and Art to increase engagement and boost message retention to audiences of all kinds or learn more on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  

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