Announcing the Create Startups Tour

On behalf of Microsoft for Startups, we are excited to introduce the inaugural Create Startups Tour: a series of free, one-day events aimed at supporting growing startups.

The challenge of scaling teams and technology, working with limited resources, and improving your product and your customer base triggers excitement and apprehension in every startup. You've probably asked yourself these questions before: how do you build a strategy that scales around shifting technical needs? How should you think about data, servers, and security? What about buzzwords like serverless, containers, IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence?


At Create, we'll help you answer these questions, and we'll also identify tactics for keeping growing teams aligned with your vision, goals, and OKRs to help you ensure your customers (and your investors) are happy.

The Create Tour will visit twelve cities globally over the next three months:

The foundation of this tour builds on the experience we’ve gained from both kicking off the Microsoft for Startups program and booting up a new Startup Advocacy team within Azure Developer Relations. We’re humbled by the startup community’s excitement and enthusiasm about having Microsoft as a partner and the success of so many startups working with and on Azure.

We genuinely hope to meet you at Create, learn about what you're building, and to support your startup at every stage of its growth. For more information and to register, visit Create Startups Tour today.

Duncan Davidson is a Startup Advocate at Microsoft in Berlin.