Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire kicks off today in Las Vegas today. Hailing from over 130 countries, thousands of our leading partners will meet to connect, collaborate and celebrate as one community. This year, Microsoft for Startups and M12 are hosting 24 startups in a dedicated “Startup Gallery.” If you’re at the event, please come and check them out in the Community Zone at Mandalay Bay.


Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire

Actionable Science

Actionable Science provides AI powered Virtual Assistants that provide first level of support in customer service, human resources and IT services.

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire

Cerebri AI

A deep learning tool to assess customer journeys and assign monetary value to each interaction and recommend ‘next best actions’ for customer engagement. This enables customers to provide individualized marketing messaging and have a holistic view of customer touchpoints.

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire

Contact Engine

An intelligent conversation platform, hosted on Azure, that enables the most effective use of resource through successful customer engagement. The platform integrates rapidly with Dynamics and clients’ existing systems to combine business rules ith machine learning and natural language understanding to deliver 90% contact rates and intent-driven conversations.

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


DefinedCrowd offers high-quality training data to help machine learning products reach market at improved quality and speed.

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


Jepeddo is a boutique Artificial Intelligence (AI) development company. Our specialty is designing, building, and supporting digital service agents (chatbots) for service industries. Our mission is to leverage the power of AI technology to measurably impact the customer service experience.

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


Stratifyd is an end-to-end customer analytics platform powered by AI that captures all customer interactions and turns them into actionable business insights. The Stratifyd solution includes 80+ data connectors, real time processing and intuitive data visualizations that allows business analysis as well as data scientist to take immediate actions. Stratifyd is built for the enterprise and is processing customer feedbacks from both external and internal repositories and is used by Marketing, Call Center, and CX executive teams.

Big Data

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


Baffle™ Application Data Protection encrypts data stored in on-premise or cloud databases without application code changes.

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


A data-to-analytics platform aggregating large, complex business data in real time, eliminating the need for data warehousing or transformation. Their proprietary approach and query engine can shave months off complex analytics projects and deliver insights and reports much faster than traditional methods.

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


An event data analytics platform for understanding user behavior and segments, with the power to allow users to interact with data in near real time. The Interana platform provides powerful behavioral insights and visuals to turn real time data into actionable insights to improve customer acquisitions, and product optimization.

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire

Unravel  Data

A platform that provides a single pane to optimize, troubleshoot, and analyze the performance of big data performance metrics across every layer of the big data stack, from the infrastructure to the services and applications, to help companies troubleshoot issues, reduce costs and migrate big data applications to the cloud.


Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


Create your own Blockchain proof of concepts using KrypCore on Hyperledger.


Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


treamSets™ Data Collector (SDC) is open source software to build batch and streaming data pipelines without hand coding. SDC includes built-in connectors for traditional or big data systems plus transformations for data normalization and

cleansing to enable continuous data movement between on-premises and cloud systems, or within the Azure environment.


Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


Complete automated accounts receivable platform using intelligent machine learning.


Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire

Eagle Genomics

Eagle Genomics’ knowledge discovery platform transforms data into actionable insights that drive scientific decision making. The insight gained enables quick assessment of product potential, accelerates market entry and mitigates risk. Customers use our platform, powered by life sciences data, to prove the viability, efficacy and safety of products.

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


A leading healthcare data platform company focused on delivering more efficient and effective healthcare by combining pioneering analytics with transparent and accurate data.


Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


Talview is the fastest way to hire for enterprise employers across the globe. Its Insta-hiring Platform makes this possible through a combination of three techniques- automation of routine tasks, enabling anytime-anywhere processes and

capturing & reusing data across the hiring process. This is enabled by our AI-enabled video interviewing, cognitive remote proctoring and advanced assessment solutions, that leverage the best in class NLP, Machine Learning, Computer

Vision and Video Analytics capabilities.

Media & Telecom

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire

Vyuu Labs

Vyu Labs mission is to provide customers with their own private “Multicast like” real time streaming platform to launch innovative, revenue generating live streaming 2.0 use cases like interactive streaming, abuse-free Townhalls, In-game

betting, Unify social network audience etc.


Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


A SaaS platform that allows any business unit across an enterprise to capture, track and make recommendations on OKRs (objectives and key results) across all levels of an organization. Workboard helps customers build and measure dynamic plans, reducing plan and review time by 70% and driving team alignment.


Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire

Mobisys Technologies

Achieve your organizational goals with real-time data and insights powered by our suite of cloud-based retail supply-chain solutions. With its powerful real-time analytics based on order behavior from over 5mn retail outlets, Bizom is your

perfect tool for improving the efficiency of sales, distribution, strategy, HR & branding.

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire

Syte powers image search for eCommerce. Using Syte’s proprietary AI technology, we enable retailers with image recognition solutions from a camera button to image to text technology, in order to create a more engaged, interactive

and data-driven omnichannel experience.


Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire

Contrast Security

An application security testing platform powered by AI that empowers software applications to self-protect against cyberattacks through the use of integrated sensors that uncover vulnerabilities, prevent breaches, and secure the business.

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


SpyCloud helps business of all sizes prevent data breaches and account takeovers by alerting employers when employees, or company assets, have been compromised.

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire


Silverfort’s Authentication Platform delivers adaptive multi-factor authentication across entire corporate networks and cloud environments, without requiring software agents or inline gateways. This includes systems that were considered

unprotectable until today, such as proprietary systems, legacy applications, IoT devices, file shares and more. Silverfort’s holistic approach enables network-wide risk-based adaptive authentication.

Startups Converge at Microsoft Inspire

WhiteSource Software

An open-source security and license management software that helps identify and take action on source components and dependencies in code. WhiteSource’s suite helps automate all open source management processes, so developers can

focus on building.