Startups appearing at Microsoft Build

Microsoft Build is finally here! This year Microsoft Build is a 48-hour digital event celebrating developers and technology that will inspire, educate, and resonate deeply with developers of all kinds. Microsoft for Startups is excited to be participating in 11 different sessions in various formats including live interviews, sessions with demos and Q&As across three time zones throughout the two days.

Breakout Sessions

Microsoft for Startups will have three interactive breakout sessions that feature new Microsoft for Startups General Manager Jeff Ma. Each session will highlight a different startup leveraging Microsoft Cloud along with the Azure Marketplace to help with operations and outreach, hosting, distribution and scaling for AI-powered products in response to COVID-19.

Each session is titled “Helping turn data into information in the fight against a global pandemic”. The startups being featured are:

Zegami – Tuesday May 20 @ 2:45AM PDT

Breakout Sessions

KenSci – Tuesday May 20 @ 4:30PM PDT

Breakout Sessions

SyTrue – Wednesday May 21 @ 7:15AM PDT

Breakout Sessions

Interstitial Live Sessions

Additionally, Microsoft for Sartups is hosting two interstitial live sessions. The first is a digital fireside chat between Microsoft for Startups General Manager, Jeff Ma, and Jeff Sandquist, Corporate Vice President, Developer Relations to discuss the Microsoft for Startups program and the current challenges and emerging opportunities for startups in these unprecedented times. This takes place later today at 6:00PM PDT.

Secondly, Asrar Khan, Senior Business Program Manager, Microsoft for Startups will host Ryan Chin, CEO of Optimus Ride, and Albert Huang in a chat entitled, “Self-Driving Vehicle Systems in a Post COVID-19 World.” Their chat will take in how autonomous driving program is delivering essential meals, packages, and medicines to senior communities in California and to urban developments in Washington DC. To find out more about this talk taking place today at 1:30PM PDT, click here.

Interstitial Live Sessions

Community Connection Sessions

Microsoft for Startups will also be hosting a selection of Community Connection sessions that will have a mix of Q&A and presentation style events. They will bring to light a variety of topics around Azure Marketplace and Microsoft for Startups featuring two autonomous driving technology startups. Click the links for each session to find out more.

Move from idea-based product planning to collaboratively building with your customers

Speaker: Vikram Jayaram

When: Tuesday May 19 @ 1:30PM PDT

Ask the Team: Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplacev

Speaker: Brian Levenson

When: Tuesday May 19 @ 1:30PM PDT & 5/21/2020 5:30AM PDT

Courage and Culture: Startups + Open Source in Conversation

Speakers: Sarah Novotny and Duncan Davidson

When: Wednesday May 20 @ 5:00AM PDT

Microsoft Global Social Entrepreneurship Program

Speakers: Shaloo Garg with Celina Lee, CEO at Zindi

When: Wednesday May 20 @ 12:30PM PDT

Deploying critical cloud workloads through Azure Marketplace

Speaker: Patrick Butler Monterde

When: Wednesday May 20 @ 1:15PM PDT

Deploying Voice Assistants for Driverless Vehicles

Speakers: Asrar Khan with Jon Marston and Peter Nguyen from Optimus Ride

When: Wednesday May 20 @ 2:00PM PDT

Autonomous Driving Software for All Machines

Speakers: Asrar Khan and Aditya Sharma with Ben Landen from Cyngn

When: Wednesday May 20 @ 3:15PM PDT

Learn. Connect. Code. All these great sessions are designed to maximize your potential as a developer, IT Pro, or as a business leader building on Microsoft technology. Register now for Microsoft Build 2020 and join your peers to experience an unprecedented event brought virtually to all corners of the world. Hope to see you there!