SEO 101: Search & Social Basics for All

From the very start, almost every new business today, and certainly all of them with a website, learns that search engine marketing will be important to their success. As the senior product manager on Bing Webmaster Tools, I recently had the pleasure of hosting a Microsoft Ventures workshop at WeWork in Seattle where I explained the what, where, how and why to a wide range of businesses. It was a high-engaged crowd with Q&A extending an hour after the event wrapped up!

The session opened with a review of how search works from the consumer POV, then moved into explaining why building an optimized website matters.

Expectations were set so businesses understand how to plan for results around the work they end up executing on. Simple directions were provided with real world examples of techniques that work.

We talked about mobile, offering direction on where to focus when building mobile-friendly sites, and guidance on technical decisions that will be faced.

Search engine optimization (SEO) was a popular segment of the session, where we left folks with clear answers, and a long list of areas to look at when factoring SEO work into their plans.

Our wrap up was a walk through a long list of search and social media tools, before opening the floor to dedicated Q&A time. And folks had questions, all right! It was another 60 minutes before the last Q was A’d. The crowd was so engaging, though, I was happy to spend our time with them helping them move forward.

If you couldn’t make it in person:

  • My slides are available on Slideshare
  • Follow select Tweets from the event here

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