Satya Nadella Shares the Stage with 8 Startups at Paris Demo Day

Our recent Demo Day in Paris on November 13 was a huge success. Featuring presentations from eight promising French startups, a panel discussion with industry experts, and a visit from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella himself, this second Demo Day was a testament to the importance of startup innovation in the global economy.

The goal of Demo Day is to provide a stage for startups in the Microsoft Ventures Paris Accelerator to present their vision to investors and key influencers. Much like our first Demo Day in February 2014, over 200 attendees spent the day in Paris with our young companies, including 50+ investors from top funds like Accel, Index, Balderton, DFJ, Hoxton, Kima, Jaina, 360 Capital, Partech, and more.

Guest speaker Satya Nadella brought his characteristic energy and great insights to Demo Day. The Microsoft CEO spoke with us about innovation and startup culture, which is part of our history and company DNA. He spoke to the need for large companies to stay innovative, citing examples of groundbreaking products like Skype Translator, the real-time language translation tool.

All growth is coming from startup boldness

Satya also shared some important advice for startups, highlighting the value of boldness and risk-taking. "All growth is coming from startup boldness," he said.

Satya Nadella Shares the Stage with 8 Startups at Paris Demo Day

In addition to our talk with Satya, we also hosted a panel discussion on how accelerators are changing the startup landscape moderated by Zack Weisfeld, Head of Microsoft Ventures Global Accelerators, with speakers from Index Ventures, Techstars, Seedcamp, and Jaina Capital.

Demo Day is all about startups, so the main focus of the day was on the eight startups from the Paris Accelerator and their visionary new products and services:

AirDoc provides exhibitors an easy way to distribute digital content at corporate events. Contact: | @airdocsolutions
Captain Contrat helps small businesses get legal documents tailor-made by lawyers cheaper and faster. Contact: | @captaincontrat
Les Grappes is a community-driven marketplace designed to revolutionize the way people buy wine online. Contact: | @lesgrappes
Master Courses is an online recipe marketplace where users can purchase ingredients quickly and at a competitive price. Contact: | @mastercourses
Onemoretab aggregates articles from paywall news sites, allowing its customers to read content from the best newspapers and magazines in the world. Contact: | @onemoretab
Smyle provides users with the ability to “like” a product, then instantly see all similar products everywhere on the web through computer vision technologies. Contact: | @smyleio
Touchify is an all-in-one cloud based tool helping users create interactive presentations on any touch device. No coding required. Contact: | @touchifyapp
White is a cloud accounting solution made by entrepreneurs for digital entrepreneurs. Contact: | @whiteservices

We received a lot of great feedback from the attendees and participants in our second Paris Demo Day, and most importantly, our eight startups got an opportunity to pitch and network with people that can really make a difference in their bright futures. We look forward to having you join us for our next demo day!

Do you have what it takes? Applications for the next Paris class open January 1, 2015. Get the latest news on the Paris Accelerator by follow us @msftventuresFR