PreCog Systems leverages IoT to combat the spread of the virus

It’s getting harder and harder to find ways to describe life under the current pandemic. Everyone has been affected and no business has not felt its impact. As companies find ways to manage their existing business or pivot their business to deliver solutions in unprecedented circumstances, we are telling stories about companies that address the pandemic directly.

PreCog Systems was founded in 2017 to provide services to industries including national security, law enforcement, border control, airport and port flow and counter terrorism. The original idea was to monitor the behavior and movement patterns of people in a given environment in order to identify and respond to anti-social activity like shoplifting or more violent crimes.

PreCog Systems leverages IoT to combat the spread of the virus

James King, CEO and founder of PreCog Systems said, “PreCog enables our customers to protect themselves, their colleagues and their customers from harm, using technology. It allows them to remotely monitor the behavior of visitors and react to that behavior in the moment. PreCog is able to look back into historic data and predict future intent so that our customers can truly protect themselves.”

PreCog’s solution is built with proprietary hardware which doesn’t rely on legacy CCTV or facial recognition.

As the impact of the pandemic started to be felt around the world, PreCog was well positioned to start providing valuable information to a wide range of businesses and organizations about density, dwell time and distancing of people who are visiting their locations, in real-time.

King explained how the company was able to transition part of its business for the new paradigm, “We address COVID-19 head on. Many of the issues surrounding how people move and behave at locations can be addressed using our technology.” He continued, “We solve issues around contact tracing and are able to alert organizations about who came into close proximity to a known COVID-19 infected colleague, historically, so that they can self-isolate. This allows the organization to continue to trade and to protect the work force.”

PreCog Systems leverages IoT to combat the spread of the virus

PreCog Systems was one of the earliest deployment of Microsoft Azure Sphere based IoT hardware. As early adopters of Sphere, the PreCog team worked alongside Microsoft in the UK to accelerate the integration with PreCog’s hardware.

Today, PreCog is selling through Microsoft’s commercial marketplace. King explained the impact of selling through the marketplace on their pipeline, “Microsoft’s commercial marketplace is absolutely critical to us in our customer engagement plans. It has given us visibility to a global audience that we could never have managed on our own. Simply put, it increased our reach and client engagement beyond all expectations.”

Finally, King has some advice for other startups navigating their way through these interesting times, “Don’t give up. Having a startup is like being strapped to a rocket with the joystick not quite always doing what you thought it did – but that’s OK. Don’t think that just because you are a small business, that the bigger companies won’t pay attention to you. If your product solves their or their customers’ issues, then they will engage with you. For us, the Microsoft account managers and technical teams and all of the support that Microsoft brings to the table has catapulted our business, so get yourself as close to those kind of resources as you can.”

Make sure you visit the Microsoft Marketplace listing to learn more about how PreCog Systems addresses criminality and how their technology can be used for social distancing and to combat the spread of COVID-19.