PicHit.Me Takes on LeWeb 2014

You’ve got a major presentation coming up. You’ve nailed the message and fine-tuned your delivery. But you still have to finish your PowerPoint slides, which means spending hours relentlessly searching the web for pictures.

The dreaded image search. We’ve all been there. It’s a task that seems so simple but is in fact a time-consuming nightmare. And after hours of exhausting search engine results and finally finding that perfect photo, you’re faced with a potential legal battle if that image is copyrighted. It’s estimated that 85% of all images are stolen from the web. It’s fair to assume that the average PowerPoint user does not realize that freely copying and pasting photos from the internet is a form of piracy.

At PicHit.Me, we make finding the perfect picture fast and simple—and we help keep your criminal record clean in the process!

We have taken long strides with Microsoft and Office365 to provide cutting-edge technology that makes the hunt for legally cleared photos a little more enticing. You can find PicHit.Me right in your PowerPoint task pane, so searching our image bank and sending photo requests can be done directly from your presentation.

PicHit.Me strives to create an impact in this digital age, making our service align beautifully with the vision of the internationally-renowned conference in Paris known as LeWeb.

LeWeb is a prestigious event focusing on companies and startups with innovative ideas and massive potential in the technological world. Needless to say, we packed our bags and flew to Paris! Attending LeWeb was incredible for exposure and expanding our network. As a startup, we would definitely recommend other startups join next year. A lot can be learned by observing other companies, and since the environment is a relatively intimate, it is easy to interact with other businesses and investors.

We also used our presence at LeWeb to kick start a chain of releases that will occur throughout December and January for our upcoming products and updates. Although we were not on stage or planning a massive launch, we decided that LeWeb would be the perfect testing ground for our latest updates. We received a lot of great attention, helpful feedback, and made invaluable partnerships that opened our eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities for PicHit.Me.

For example, one of the companies we spoke with uses technology to detect emotions in people’s faces while watching videos. This system could simplify PicHit.Me’s photo searching process by choosing photos based on users’ reactions to certain images or by using machine learning systems to detect specific emotions in photos. From what we saw at LeWeb, the digital world seems to be headed toward incorporating real human emotions into technology, which will appeal to society in a whole new way.

We are still riding the high of attending LeWeb and mentally filing away the wealth of industry knowledge we gained there. We are dedicated to constantly improving PicHit.Me, and events like LeWeb are vital in achieving that goal.

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