Onēva delivers personalized care from trusted caregivers

Some of us are fortunate enough only to have the interview to worry about when we look for a job. Just ace that interview, land the job, and get started on the next chapter in our illustrious careers.

But what about the many who have conflicting responsibilities that make it tough to even think about juggling full-time work and ongoing life commitments? It may be child or elder care, looking after someone with special needs, or having to take time every day for essential errands or school pickups, or drop-offs. People in these sorts of situation are often women, who are otherwise ready and able to make a valuable contribution to our economy but are held back by obligations from taking that job, getting that promotion, or traveling for that big opportunity.

Anita Darden Gardyne recognized the problem and founded Onēva to help solve it. Her response took the form of a three-pronged application and services solution called Onēva Concierge Care, designed for each of her three types of customer: the workers who wanted to work; the organizations that needed those folks in the workforce and actively participating in their success; and the caregivers who would provide the services required to complete the circle and bring the whole project together. Just recently Onēva’s platform was awarded a patent for trust and safety by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Onēva provides quality caregivers with a way to reach the clients who need their services, along with a living wage and the credentials provided by an accredited FBI background check. Clients use a mobile app to select the support they need and contact those caregivers. Organizations can incorporate Onēva services into their portfolio of employee benefits, helping to increase employee retention, broaden the pool of available potential employees, and provide staff with the support they need to do great work.


Less stress all round, problems solved, and significant gains in productivity. What did it take to make this happen? The Onēva apps are built on Microsoft infrastructure, delivering a highly secure, high performance solution. With her organization in a stage of accelerated growth, Gardyne gained confidence working with Microsoft and the Microsoft for Startups program to expand operations and scale accordingly.

Gardyne’s goals include helping fuel global job creation, providing living wages to care professionals, and offering women in particular a means to lift themselves and their families out of poverty, extend careers, and compete for top jobs. And she’s ready to help other startups with a few insights she’s gained along the way: she notes that tenacity and resilience in everything you do is imperative. Time is precious and just as important as investment dollars. And when all is said and done it’s a fight to the finish, so remember to bring everything you’ve got.