Microsoft Ventures Invests in Askem to Help You “Question Everything”

It’s only natural to seek validation from your friends, whether it’s about your new glasses, what movie to see or which car to purchase.

Asking your friends on social media is convenient. However, this often elicits vague answers which aren’t helpful.

Itai Herman, CEO, and Zeev Rubinstein, CTO, Yoni Hemi, VP of Product and Tomer Zakai, Head of Design, founded Askem to come up with a solution. Unlike other decision making apps like Jelly, Seesaw and Polar, Askem goes after the toughest issue with social decision making—getting actionable answers from the wall of noise. The app is fun, addictive and has a huge potential to scale.

Askem integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, allowing you to upload photos that are accompanied by polling questions. You can create up to five responses that your friends can vote on, helping you get quick consensus from your social network.

Askem also features a Beta version of a smart, simple embed plug-in, giving users the ability to snap the app feature into a browser experience. The plug-in enables websites, blogs and retail platforms to easily create and seamlessly embed Askem's innovative visual polls on WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal.

Askem isn’t just for the casual user either. The decision making app continues to develop and expand its services, and offers a similar format designed for marketers, helping them get insights about their target audiences. Retailers and other companies can engage consumers by asking creative questions and get real-time feedback.

“We discovered that people like to ask questions on social media channels, but get frustrated by the lack on conclusive answers,” said Herman. “With Askem, we make this process simple, useful and entertaining. We look forward to furthering our relationship with Microsoft Ventures and bringing this experience to more people and markets around the world.”

Askem is a graduate of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Tel Aviv and have been an excellent success story for the program. Herman, Rubinstein, Hemi and Zakai built Askem not only to cut through the digital noise, but also to create a new platform for visual storytelling that helps everyone “question everything.”

Check out Askem and start asking questions!