Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Tel-Aviv Welcomes Fifth Batch of Startups

At Mixiii in May, Israel’s largest tech conference, we announced the opening of our new thematic accelerator in Tel-Aviv for medical and cyber-security startups. Microsoft is partnering with leading corporations, including Becton Dickinson (BD) and Healthbox in the medical industry and Akamai and Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) in the security field to create a unique opportunity for high potential startups. We look forward to delivering a very compelling program for the participating startups and provide them with unparalleled routes to market.

Over the past couple of months, we interviewed dozens of companies from almost 300 applications to find the best entrepreneurs with the most innovative ideas, intended for the largest markets. Our Tel-Aviv Accelerator has also become a hub for international startups, receiving applications from startups based in 32 countries around the world – an all-time record for our Tel Aviv program!

Today, we are happy to announce the 11 startups selected to join the program, including startups from Japan, India, Slovenia, Spain and Israel. Through Microsoft’s partnerships with BD, Healthbox, Akamai and JVP – and the rigorous process they will go through the next 4 months – the selected startups will better understand their customers through the support and business connections to help their companies mature and grow.

I’d like to congratulate and welcome all of the startups to the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Tel-Aviv program. I wish them the best of luck!

Here is an overview of the companies selected for the Accelerator:

Cyber-Security Companies

image:capy_logo (Japan) provides user-friendly verification technologies for all internet users.
Data Flow (Israel) secures corporate applications by doing a run-time analysis of the application’s runtime environment.
image:hermeticio_logo (Israel) develops a mobile vault for securing personal digital assets like photos and Bitcoins that guarantees unprecedented resistance to hacking.
Minereye (Israel) provides continuous tracking and monitoring of sensitive data on organization networks.
ScadaFence (Israel) develops a disruptive technology that mitigates the complex threats posed against industrial networks and critical infrastructures, by detecting a broad spectrum of highly sophisticated attacks (APT), which remain undetected by the current solutions.
Siemplify (Israel) - Intelligence driven incident response - detect and respond to complex cyber threats in minutes rather than hours or days.


Healthcare Startups

Exovite (Spain) offers a new concept of treatment combine 3D printed splints and an electro-stimulators controlled by smartphones.
Kinestica (Slovenia) developed BiMeo – a neuro-rehabilitation system to aid therapy and treatment of a variety of injuries and diseases.
Medicope (Israel) navigates serious illness patients and caregivers to recovery, by removing non-clinical challenges to care.
NIBS (Israel) develops a system for monitoring and treating brain disorders, utilizing non-invasive brain stimulation technology.
Observe Design (India) is a medical device innovation company working to develop interventions to prevent the spread of the deadly Healthcare Associated Infections.

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