Microsoft ScaleUp London Locks AI for Good Cohort

Microsoft ScaleUp London has closed registration for its upcoming AI for Good cohort as it prepares to launch the new initiative for AI startups and organizations next month.

While much of the current work in AI is focused on more traditional industries and businesses, the technology itself holds the potential to solve any number of challenges and problems, including those faced by the philanthropic and non-profit sectors.


In that light, the AI for Good initiative is part of a multi-campaign program from Microsoft in which the company is “providing technology, resources, and expertise to empower those working to solve humanitarian issues and create a more sustainable and accessible world.” AI for Good is composed of component programs to support AI for: Earth, Accessibility, and Human Action.

In support of this initiative, Microsoft ScaleUp London has just completed admissions for its upcoming AI for Good cohort set to launch next month. The cohort will focus on startups or organizations that are working to leverage AI to tackle the challenges facing society and the planet.

The program was announced in November and participants will be “supported by the Microsoft team, various AI specialists, as well as benefit from the expertise, knowledge, and experience of the Social Tech Trust, who will be Microsoft’s partner in delivering the programmes.”


Participating organizations will be part of a four-month program at the Microsoft ScaleUp location in the Shoreditch area of London. With a curriculum specifically tailored to help socially-focused organizations take advantage of AI technology, the program offers an opportunity to develop unique solutions that leverage the latest tech advancements.

You can find out more about Microsoft ScaleUp, and how it can help your startups grow, here.