Microsoft ScaleUp London Launches Its Ninth Batch of Startups

This post was written by Warwick Hill, Managing Director of Microsoft ScaleUp London


Earlier this week we unveiled the startups participating in the ninth batch of Microsoft ScaleUp London. The companies officially joined during an event we held at our new ScaleUp space in Shoreditch, the first batch to make use of the new facility.

The startups represent a broad cross section of enterprise focused technology startups. I’m truly impressed by the breadth of our most recent batch of startups and the way they touch multiple emerging markets and bring innovative solutions to those industries. A common thread running through all of the new startups is a focus on providing immediate value for potential customers. As we look for ways for these startups to collaborate with existing Microsoft partners, we’re excited to see what new relationships emerge from these efforts.

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Microsoft ScaleUp, known previously as Microsoft Accelerator, is a unique set of programs that help later stage companies prepare their GTM, enterprise sales, and other marketing strategies. ScaleUp is part of the recently announced Microsoft for Startups initiative, which provides startups with critical support, guided access, and co-sell opportunities with potential enterprise customers.

I look forward to seeing what these companies can achieve. Please take some time to meet the latest batch of startups below:




BAFTA-winning Bossa Studios is an independent games developer and publisher, with offices in London and Seattle. Founded in 2010 by veterans in the games industry, they are the creators of BAFTA-winning Monstermind, and BAFTA-nominated cult hits Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread. Bossa has a strong track record in shaping entirely new genres and ways to build & connect with player communities.

Dubbed the 'Minecraft for a New Generation' by Edge Magazine, Bossa's new title Worlds Adrift aims to disrupt the MMO market, allowing players a deeply social experience where they have full freedom to shape and alter a shared universe as they play. The game has already attracted some of the top Twitch streamers and a long list of gamers who are eager to access Worlds Adrift’s closed beta on PC/Steam.


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With the voice revolution here, Speechmatics’ has developed Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology available in the cloud, privately (including on-premises) or on any device or application. The technology can be used for real-time or pre-recorded audio and video files and is available in an industry-leading 72 unique languages.

Speechmatics’ versatile ASR technology, based on decades of research and experience in machine learning and neural networks, is enabling world-leading companies to power a speech-enabled future.


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Microsoft ScaleUp London Launches Its Ninth Batch of Startups

TV beat becomes a part of the team from Croatia and is scaling worldwide in the sector of TV Media Analytics. TVbeat helps broadcast media companies to make their cross-screen TV Audience Data a core revenue asset to maximize TV audience targeting, media planning & forecasting, and post-campaign reporting. It achieves this through its highly scalable platform which can ingest, process & fuse fragmented unstructured TV audience datasets. Capturing TV Viewership, Customer and Advertising data at any scale across all connected devices, including connected set-top boxes.


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Acurable commercialises the AcuPebbleTM sensor, the first wearable medical device able to accurately diagnose and manage respiratory conditions at home. Our award-winning patented technology is a major engineering innovation and the product of 10 years research at Imperial College London.


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Microsoft ScaleUp London Launches Its Ninth Batch of Startups

Draper & Dash (D&D) is a healthcare improvement, data, insight and analytics company currently operating in the UK, US and Australia. D&D is the market-leader in providing healthcare organisations with advanced analytics to deliver quality patient care. D&D’s solutions are directed towards the day-to-day management, clinical delivery, patient flow (operations) and strategic focus of its clients.


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Microsoft ScaleUp London Launches Its Ninth Batch of Startups

ContactEngine is a customer-conversation management platform. Pro-active and omni-channel, ContactEngine leverages natural-language processing and machine-learning so that global brands can transform their customer journeys. ContactEngine disrupts traditional call-centres, being a fraction of the cost to deploy and run, but with three times the customer engagement rate of its manual call-centre predecessors. This means that as well as being lower cost, ContactEngine can drive corporate KPI's harder and faster, as well as improving the customer experience.


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Microsoft ScaleUp London Launches Its Ninth Batch of Startups

Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of privacy and risk management services designed to manage and protect unstructured data.

Offering Government and Enterprise customers a portfolio of complementary services, the Egress platform leverages machine learning led policy management, encryption and eDiscovery to enable end-users to share and collaborate securely, while reducing the risk of loss and maintaining compliance. These award-winning integrated services include email and document classification, accidental send prevention, secure email and file transfer, secure managed file transfer, secure online collaboration and secure archive.

Certified by Government, Egress offers a seamless user experience, powerful real-time auditing and patented information rights management, all accessible using a single global identity.



Callsign’s Intelligence Driven Authentication™ (IDA) proactively defends against data breaches and cybercrime. IDA secures employee identities to prevent data breaches occurring and protects consumer identities to minimise the impact of compromised credentials.

We apply artificial intelligence to understand user patterns and intelligently adjust authentication journeys in real-time. We request the most appropriate authentication action for every situation, supporting all types of user. This balances the need to protect you and your users from unwanted cyber threats, while ensuring the most frictionless and transparent user experience.


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Microsoft ScaleUp London Launches Its Ninth Batch of Startups

Bloomsbury AI ( enables everyone to get access to the expertise they need by a unique text understanding technology. The founding team are internationally recognised researchers and engineers in machine learning and natural language processing with hundreds of patents and peer-reviewed publications and authors of several large scale software projects.

Bloomsbury AI’s product is a flexible web service that enables users to get answers to their questions asked in natural language by automatically “reading” unstructured documents and reasoning about them. Learned on millions of data points, the system can be easily updated by human experts, and provide a step-change simplification in the management of regulatory documents, such as legislation, internal policies and legal contracts.


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Microsoft ScaleUp London Launches Its Ninth Batch of Startups

Tangent Works is a European machine learning company providing the next generation of prediction solutions for businesses by automating the predictive model building process. This enables companies to generate accurate predictive models that are fully automatic, providing useful insights about the dynamics hidden in their data. Their solution looks to eliminate the data science skills burden, and is extremely efficient with respect to computing time which allows machine learning solutions to be executed directly on a device. The technology is applicable for a variety of advanced analytics challenges such as time series analysis, complex pattern recognition, anomaly detection and classification.




Transform your business operations with our market leading real-time Cash Allocation, Bank Reconciliation and Credit Collections automation software solutions. Using predictive AI and intelligent analytics, we deliver supreme customer satisfaction and unrivalled match rates.


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Eagle Genomics’ award-winning AI augmented knowledge discovery platform, the e[automateddatascientist**]**, is revolutionising how scientists conduct life sciences research and is bridging the gap between data and new insights in a rapid, systematic and traceable way.  It puts data science at the fingertips of biologists to drastically reduce time and cost of research, enabling customers to achieve radical productivity improvements and true data driven discovery. 


“We are delighted to have been selected as a Microsoft Scale up candidate at this formative time in the development of Eagle Genomics. We are seeing strong demand for our smart knowledge discovery platform amongst enterprise customers in the biotech and pharma, food and personal care industries as they embrace the digital reinvention of Life Sciences R&D. Tackling the compute and scaling challenges this brings with our partner Microsoft will accelerate the adoption of the technologies and the launch of new products and therapies, heralding a new era in scientific discovery.”

- Anthony Finbow, Executive Chairman of Eagle Genomics


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Microsoft ScaleUp London Launches Its Ninth Batch of Startups

Our platform provides an elegant way to discover & understand an organisations unstructured & structured information stored in almost any repository. Described by clients as like the search engine bing inside the firewall, the platform indexes all characteristics of any information it has access to, such as all file system & application level metadata as well as the content of the document/record.


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