Microsoft Reactors are Growing— New Spaces in Shanghai and Bangalore

When it comes to innovation, the more minds, the better. Continuous learning, connecting with others, and experimenting and building with new technologies is vital for problem solving and product development, no matter the size or scale. That’s why I’m excited to announce two new Microsoft Reactor spaces, in Shanghai and Bangalore. These spaces come on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement of its commitment to startups in North Asia, with an emphasis on accelerating startup growth through access to technology and resources.


When we were developing the idea for Reactors, we wanted to create welcoming spaces where those in the tech community from startup founders to industry veterans could learn from each other and experts, build relationships, and access technology resources. The new Reactors join others in London, New York, Redmond, San Francisco, Seattle, Sydney, and Tel Aviv, and Toronto.

Always free, Reactors provide community, ongoing education, and networking opportunities for developers, founders, and professionals in the start-up world. Our workshops help you build your foundation and skill set in areas like Data Science and AI and Machine Learning, learning from top professionals using the latest technologies. Our speakers, seminars, and networking events help you build your career and company, hone your business plan, and envision the future of your organization. Our local, independent Meetup groups let you dive deep in any tech topic of your choice- and if you’re a Meetup organizer, you’re welcome to request our space to hold your event!

From mixed reality workgroups to mastering public speaking classes to seminars on understanding AI in robotics—and anything you can think of in between—there’s something happening every day. Check out the Reactor Calendar and find us on Meetup to learn about events at your local Reactor and find one that interests you.

Speaking of calendars, if you’re in the Toronto area, there will be an open house on October 8 at the Toronto Reactor featuring lightning talks from our Cloud Advocates on the types of programming to expect at the Reactor, as well as from the Microsoft for Startups team on how we support Canadian startups, and more. Startups are critical to innovation, and the Toronto Reactor was created in partnership with MaRS, a launchpad for startups, platform for researchers, home to innovators, and available to those who utilize the Reactor space. As part of the open house, MaRS is hosting a breakfast called The CTO’s Dilemma—be sure to reserve your spot if you’re interested.

Want to learn more? Visit the Microsoft Reactor website for access to events, experts, and space requests.