Microsoft Ignite the Tour Hosts Leading Startups in Sydney

Date Updated: Wednesday, February 12, 2020

This week on February 13-14, Microsoft Ignite the Tour our premier IT technical readiness customer event, goes down under in Sydney, Australia.

Microsoft Ignite the Tour is designed for anyone who is motivated to be on the frontier of innovation and technology to attend technical trainings led by Microsoft experts. We recognize that the role of IT has shifted considerably, therefore, our learning paths and sessions are meant for all roles, from developers and IT implementers to those who make large-scale purchasing decisions for enterprise tech and security solutions.

As before, Microsoft for Startups is hosting a Startup Gallery where we have invited eight innovative companies from across our portfolio to showcase their solutions to attendees.  Check them out below.


Bricks + Agent – Cloud-based property maintenance and services marketplace.

B+A connects property + facility managers with service providers, tenants and owners to make maintenance and inspection tasks a breeze. Complete open API available for integrator partners and developers. Learn more about Bricks + Agent by visiting their LinkedIn or Twitter.


CarePage – Customer experience reimagined.

Designed for the health and ageing sectors, CarePage is the only customer experience platform that supports continuous improvement by linking real-time customer and employee feedback monitoring and data. Learn more about CarePage by visiting their LinkedIn or Twitter.


InteliCare – Quality of life, peace of mind.

InteliCare uses data from smart sensors to build a model of normal domestic routine within a home. Early detection of deviations from routine may indicate a health or wellbeing issue, that when addressed will avoid complications leading to potential future higher levels of care. A range of sensors and insights can be activated to address the risks associated with aging or other situations and provide family and carers with information to guide conversations that may address issues before they escalate into health or safety problems. Learn more about InteliCare by visiting their LinkedIn or Twitter.


Mastt – Better contract delivery.

Mastt hosted with Azure provides construction clients a safe and secure project administration environment with the ability to interrogate data through tailored analytics via Power BI. The anomaly engine also provides trend analysis and improves the chances that errors are identified early and projects are completed on time, and within budget. Learn more about Mastt by visiting their LinkedIn.


Mesh AI – Let's build great conversations.

Mesh AI bridges the gap between customer need and organizational capability. Mesh AI solves problems of reach, consistency, and scale. Mesh AI unlocks the experience customers and organizations want. Assist customers the way your best salesperson or customer service agent would – but without human resource and time limits. Learn more about Mesh AI by visiting their LinkedIn or Twitter.


thedocyard – All about the deal.

thedocyard is a cloud-based deal space built specifically for managing the entire lifecycle of any corporate or commercial transaction. Compliance, productivity and customer UX for banks on their deals. Learn more about thedocyard by visiting their LinkedIn or Twitter.


VendorPanel – Let's transform procurement

VendorPanel is an award-winning source-to-contract solution that makes it easy for staff to use the right suppliers, follow good process and drive positive procurement outcomes. It brings all your suppliers and associated data into one secure and configurable platform, with integrations that support real-time collaboration with people, processes and systems across the enterprise. Learn more about VendorPanel by visiting their LinkedIn or Twitter.


Ynomia – Accurate, timely construction data for decision-making.

Ynomia digitizes the world of construction using CSIRO's BLEAT IoT and emerging technologies to achieve breakthrough efficiency in time, cost, quality and safety, realized through digital twin technology. Learn more about Ynomia by visiting their LinkedIn.

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