Microsoft Ignite the Tour Hosts Leading Startups in Johannesburg

Date Updated: Thursday, January 30, 2020

At the end of this week on January 30-31, Microsoft Ignite the Tour our premier IT technical readiness customer event switches continents once more to land in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Microsoft Ignite the Tour is designed for anyone who is motivated to be on the frontier of innovation and technology to attend technical trainings led by Microsoft experts. We recognize that the role of IT has shifted considerably, therefore, our learning paths and sessions are meant for all roles, from developers and IT implementers to those who make large-scale purchasing decisions for enterprise tech and security solutions.

As in earlier events, we will be hosting a Startup Gallery featuring eight innovative startups from across our portfolio showcasing their solutions for attendees.  Check them these amazing startups below.


BroadReach – Empowering action. Changing lives.

The BroadReach Group has evolved into three distinct business: BroadReach Healthcare - focused on implementing large-scale health systems programs; BroadReach Consulting - a health solutions company focused on implementing technology and change consulting to transform clients’ outcomes for the populations they serve; and Vantage Technologies - the software development company that created Vantage, an AI-powered data analytics platform that turns data into insight and insight into action – consistently and at scale. Learn more about BroadReach by visiting their LinkedIn and Twitter.


DataProphet – AI enabling manufacturers to step towards autonomous manufacturing.

DataProphet PRESCRIBE, our AI-as-a-service product, proactively prescribes changes to plant control plans to optimize production without the expert human analysis that is typically required. As recognized by the World Economic Forum, DataProphet PRESCRIBE has helped customers around the world experience a significant and practical impact on the factory floor, reducing the cost of non-quality by an average of 40%. Learn more about DataProphet by visiting their LinkedIn and Twitter.


FAROSIAN – Quantifying online behavior.

FAROSIAN has developed industry-leading sentiment analysis and risk scoring of people, utilizing social and digital media content and activity. Our innovation identifies red flags, hidden skills and talents while establishing value/culture matches. FAROSIAN is the essential HR and recruitment data. Learn more about FAROSIAN by visiting their LinkedIn and Twitter.


iPulse Systems – Cloud-based biometric identity management platform.

iPulse Systems provides a scalable, cloud-based biometric verification platform, that can be used as a standalone or multi-factor authentication service for your customers, employees, students or visitors to provide authorized access to facilities and services. Biometric verification improves convenience, reduces risk and prevents fraudulent use of your services or access to your premises. Learn more about iPulse Systems by visiting LinkedIn and Twitter.


Phulukisa Health Solutions – Making Healthcare Better for All

Phulukisa is a health analytics and technology company that provides comprehensive primary health screening for the 10 most common diseases including measurables, laboratory and imaging. Results are pushed to an algorithm in our Azure platform which calculates a score and publishes an electronic record which can facilitate further care and referral. We then provide bespoke feedback to the customers on how to improve or avert their own health risks. We perform this service at a fraction of the price each component would cost in the open market. Learn more about Phulukisa Health Solutions by visiting their LinkedIn and Twitter.


Raphta – Reimagine the possibilities of technology.

Raphta provides to two main machine learning platforms, Shuri a proprietary edge cloud facial recognition and voice recognition developer platform and Metsi AI, a geospatial imagery analytics platform for the water utility, gas and oil industry. Learn more about Raphta by visiting their LinkedIn.


Silverfort – Secure authentication evolved.

Silverfort seamlessly enables risk-based authentication and zero-trust security policies across all sensitive corporate assets, including systems that couldn't be protected until today, without requiring any agents or proxies. Learn more about Silverfort by visiting their LinkedIn and Twitter.


The Awareness Company – Data-driven storytelling.

HYDRA, our technology, combines AI, IoT and data analytics to create solutions for agriculture and conservation, safety and security and smart places. It does this by taking an influx of data into an organization and transforming it into stories that are easily understood and. The company’s HYDRA platform uses advanced data aggregation and fusion engines, alongside other technologies, to enhance operational efficiency and digital transformation. Learn more about The Awareness Company by visiting their LinkedIn or Twitter.

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