Microsoft Hosts Cutting Edge Retail Startups at NRF 2019

From January 13-15, thousands will descend on New York to discuss the latest trends and opportunities shaping the retail landscape. Whether finding ways to tap into the power of AI or understanding how to accelerate the pace of digital transformation, leaders are going to NRF to help shape the next chapter of retail innovation.


One avenue available to them, is to find trusted partners who can help them in that process. Microsoft has a long history of partnering with retail companies and providing solutions to help them grow. To that end, M12 (Microsoft’s venture arm) in collaboration with Microsoft for Startups are bringing a number of emerging retail startups to NRF to help them meet key players in the space. These startups are set to participate in Microsoft’s Startup Showcase, which will be held at the company’s flagship Fifth Avenue retail store.

Here’s a round-up of the startups who will be taking part in the event:




Prevedere is an industry insights and predictive analytics software company, helping retail leaders understand future consumer demand with global data. While most companies can easily report on internal performance, Prevedere’s external real-time insights engine constantly monitors the world’s activity, identifying future changes to demand by category, region, or product.



Microsoft Hosts Cutting Edge Retail Startups at NRF 2019

Rockerbox is a leading provider of multi-touch attribution — enabling brands large and small to optimize their marketing mix and media spend. Rockerbox is also the creator of Recency Activation, a full-service solution for running media campaigns based on users' recent browsing behaviors.


Cooler Screens


Cooler Screens is re-imaging coolers for consumers, retailers and brands. They are transforming retail cooler surfaces into IoT enabled screens. And in doing so, creating the largest retail point of sale merchandizing platform in the world.



Microsoft Hosts Cutting Edge Retail Startups at NRF 2019

Until now, analyzing large volumes of complex business data spanning ERP, cloud applications and other business systems required the construction of a costly, time-consuming data warehouse. And the only way to normalize the data from these multiple sources, understand their relationships and perform analytics at scale was via a star-schema. But not anymore. With Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping engine, you get real-time aggregation of large, complex business data without needing a data warehouse.



Microsoft Hosts Cutting Edge Retail Startups at NRF 2019

With Zipwhip, businesses can text with customers right from their computer, using their existing landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number. Easy, cloud-based software supports two-way text conversations at scale and allows businesses to communicate with customers in the way they prefer.




Auror helps retailers stop crime in their stores. Their retail crime intelligence platform allows retailers to report crime in minutes, solve complex crime easily and prevent crime before it happens. This unique approach to stopping crime enables seamless collaboration between the wider retail community and law enforcement. By sharing critical intelligence in a safe, secure and efficient way, criminals are no longer offending without consequences.


Intelligent Reach


Intelligent Reach gets retailers’ products in front of relevant consumers where and when they are looking to buy. Advanced data optimization and off-site experimentation matches products to specific consumer search intent and increases conversion, efficiently. This allows retailers to make key product-level decisions based on consumer behavior and performance.


Ace Turtle

Microsoft Hosts Cutting Edge Retail Startups at NRF 2019

Ace Turtle is a technology driven platform company that provides direct to consumer web commerce solutions for leading Retail Brands. Ace Turtle, with its proprietary platform, integrates online and offline retail channels automating and optimizing Omni-Channel fulfilment. The platform provides brands with a single view of inventory. It helps reduce the costs and complexity of Omni-Channel transformation for brands through automation by intelligent use of data.



Microsoft Hosts Cutting Edge Retail Startups at NRF 2019

Twenty Billion Neurons (TwentyBN) provides real-time, interactive computer vision solutions powered by artificial intelligence (A.I.). Harnessing their proprietary data platform to imbue A.I. systems with an understanding of the physical world around them using labeled video clips filmed on consumer-grade webcams. Their mission is to design interfaces operating on the unconscious principles that exist in human-to-human interaction to make the relationship between user and machine more natural and intuitive. To achieve this, TwentyBN uses video-understanding technology to develop life-sized digital avatars that are capable of face-to-face communication between the user and machine.




BrandTotal’s agile marketing intelligence platform enables marketers to reverse-engineer their competition’s marketing strategies. They provide a competitive landscape dashboard with real-time updates into your competition’s marketing activity, telling you who they’re targeting, where their ads are appearing, what platform’s they’re using, all their creatives and core messages. Most importantly, BrandTotal provides actionable insights into how you can execute on an opportunity in real time.


With retail companies facing significant challenges - both from large ecommerce giants and from the difficulty of transforming and modernizing their businesses for the digital age – the innovation startups can provide is more valuable than ever. Microsoft is committed to helping its partners, startups and existing retail providers alike, find new solutions that can help them grow in a rapidly changing market.