Microsoft for Startups at Web Summit 2017

Microsoft for Startups at Web Summit

Last year, all of the buzz heading into Web Summit was about whether Lisbon could serve as a suitable replacement for Dublin, which hosted the massive tech conference since 2009. After winning over attendees last year, that question has been answered and everyone is looking forward to spending a few days in the city again this month. Web Summit will be packed with tens of thousands of tech professionals, journalists, and geeks, gathered together for a few days to discover new ideas, technologies, and companies that will write the next chapter for our industry.

Microsoft is bringing a large contingent to Web Summit this year and has organized several parallel community events that you can attend during the conference. In addition, Microsoft’s Chief Legal Officer, Brand Smith, will deliver a talk from the main stage on November 8th. You can find out all about Microsoft’s participation and booth at our Web Summit 2017 site.

Even though Web Summit has become one of the industry’s most massive events, it still manages to maintain the spirit and energy from when it was small and targeted young startups. Maybe that’s why the conference decided to move to Lisbon in the first place. The city exudes a laid-back vibe that speaks to startup culture.

That’s partly why Web Summit remains such an attractive event . It’s also why Microsoft for Startups is bringing a number of our partner and portfolio startups to the event.

You may ask why Microsoft is hosting startups at Web Summit? The answer is simple: the event reinforces our aim to help startups connect with the broader industry. The scale and format of the event allows to facilitate meaningful connections with enterprise customers, industry partners and the innovative startups that we work with around world. This kind of engagement is one of our core values and I’m looking forward to seeing it play out in Lisbon.

Microsoft for Startups is hosting a total of 18 startups at the event and we invite you to find out more about them. If you’re interested in meeting one of these startups, please come by the Microsoft booth in the main pavillion and we’ll help you connect. Here is a preview of the startups who will be in attendance:

Aifloo® built a completely new e-health system that continually learns about an individual’s behavior – detecting if something is wrongCARTO has developed a platform for turning location data into business outcomesDataRails is a unique enterprise-grade technology that enables companies to take control and automate Excel based business processesDaily d’Inities provides twenty French TV Channels with solutions to increase their audience and their incomesFaarm is on a mission to empower everyone to share and track meaningful information on food through technologyINSTANDA is a software tool which fundamentally changes the time and cost dimensions, for companies who sell insurance, of designing and digitally delivering insurance products to the marketJungle is a young but rapidly growing startup that operates at the forefront of Artificial IntelligenceLiquid developed an omni-channel marketing automation tool for all types of businesses, from app publishers to large companies with thousands of storesMapD Technologies is a next-generation analytics software companyMidfin Systems makes it crazy simple for enterprise customers to implement a hybrid cloud strategyRecast.AI is a leading artificial intelligence bot platform in enterprise customer serviceSimudyne provides simulation software to a number of industries including Financial, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Central and Local Government and a number of other sectorsSynerise offers a comprehensive omnichannel and marketing intelligence platformUnifi provides Data as a Service in an integrated suite of self-service data tools that are powered by AI and optimized for the cloudUptale aims to democratize the practice of “Immersive Learning” with Virtual Reality in the education and professional training has created a scalable data-driven IoT cloud platform built on Azure that is the foundation for our patented sensors and product setXcalar is an open, interoperable, and extensible analytics platform that delivers the fastest time-to-insight on the market with unprecedented simplicity, speed, and scale.