Microsoft Accelerator Tel Aviv Kicks off Batch 7 with 13 Startups

I am very proud to announce the commencement of batch 7 at Microsoft's Tel Aviv Accelerator—and the first batch that I will be leading within the program. The new class features 13 up-and-coming local startups with an average of $800K in funding, some traction, and that are poised to scale up and grow over the next four months of our program.

Microsoft Accelerator Tel Aviv Kicks off Batch 7 with 13 Startups 24

Microsoft Accelerator Tel Aviv Kicks off Batch 7 with 13 Startups 26

Since I took on the role of CIR in July, the local team and I interviewed more than 70 of the 360 companies that applied in order to find the best startups for the accelerator. We recently updated our program in terms of both content and processes to better fulfill the needs of these more mature companies. We will provide the support, mentorship and business connections they need in order to make great strides during their time in our accelerator—and we’re confident they will.

Microsoft Accelerator Tel Aviv Kicks off Batch 7 with 13 Startups 30

The 13 selected startups cover several domains within the tech industry, including IoT, agritech, digital health, e-commerce, big data and more. Over the next 4 months, these companies will work with Tel Aviv’s team and mentors to become frontrunners in their respective fields and make a real impact in the ecosystem. I’d like to congratulate the incoming class and welcome each of the 13 promising startups to the Tel Aviv Accelerator. We wish them the best of luck!

Learn more about the companies that make up our 7th batch:

SecuriThings is an IoT Security Platform, which easily integrates with IoT manufacturers and platforms to protect against illegal access to devices. SecuriThings mitigates attacks by seamlessly assessing IoT activities in real time, while providing manufacturers and service providers a holistic view of threats across identities and devices.
Farm Dog develops precision agriculture solutions for small- and medium-sized farms through an IoT-driven insights platform. Facebook | LinkedIn | @thefarmdogco
Pixoneye provides predictive personalization of mobile users through image-understanding technologies for the marketing, advertising and market insight worlds. Facebook | LinkedIn | @Pixoneye
ClusterTV is an online platform for linear TV media buying and the first to offer behavioral targeting on TV. Facebook | LinkedIn | @cluster_tv
Missbeez is an on demand platform and a marketplace for beauty services. The company’s application allows its customers—busy women—to instantly order any service they desire by simply clicking a button. Facebook@Missbeezapp
image:Be is a complete backend solution for IoT businesses. By providing a unique out-of-the box business logic for IoT, enables IoT players to focus on their core business.
OwnBackup is the only cloud-to-cloud backup and restore solution built for the enterprise. Facebook | @OwnBackup
Cheapopo brings algo-trading concepts into the hospitality market to help enterprises save money. Facebook | LinkedIn
Percepto develops autonomous flight solutions for drones based on computer vision technology. Facebook | @PerceptoDrones
DiACardio is a software company that revolutionizes the practice of an "Ultrasound of the heart” evaluation. The company develops unique and innovative algorithms, which evaluate fast, accurately and automatically the function of the heart. The software is FDA and CE approved and initial sales have been successfully obtained. Recently DiACardio won first place in a prestigious global innovation competition in China. LinkedIn
servicefriend is developing the first hybrid Interactive Text Response (ITR) supported by AI. The company helps businesses foster communication with consumers across messaging using their preferred mobile IM apps (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more) and to answer billions of casual interrupts while nurturing everlasting text discussions. LinkedIn
DeepSense maximizes industrial production uptime by crowdsourcing machines and predicting future failures. By analyzing the big industrial IoT data, the company’s cognitive software provides operational intelligence and deep semantic insights which in turn increase production yield and revenues. (previously known as SmartLogic)
image:Testim reinvents web testing by providing a SaaS designed for modern apps. It significantly accelerates software development cycles by providing a simple interface with unmatched reliability. Facebook | @testim_io