Microsoft Accelerator lightens Innovation

The 2016 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week Beijing venue, which is also the Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Festival, came to an end on Oct 21. The event brought new ideas and power to China’s new economy.

Being an important supporter of the event, Microsoft Accelerator gained great honors by sponsoring dozens of activities including the Global Innovation Summit 2016, the 72-hour geek challenge and the Demo the World international innovation roadshow.

Microsoft Accelerator is a representative of the excellent incubators in Zhongguancun and was invited to display its alumni enterprises' innovation and entrepreneurial achievements.

It intends to connect the innovative resources of different industries, cultivate the most advanced innovative teams and become a high-quality innovative accelerator platform.

Microsoft joined Large enterprises opening and sharing Alliance


Group of people on stage

The "Large enterprises opening and sharing Alliance" was established on Oct 12 during the Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Festival. Microsoft Accelerator was one of the first large enterprises to join the alliance, sharing industrial resources with allies and encouraging enterprises to be innovative and entrepreneurial.

Demo from MA alumni to the heads of the state


Entrepreneurs of Microsoft Accelerator including founders of Deep Glint, AllMobilize Inc., Gago Group and Shadow Creator demonstrated their innovation and entrepreneurship achievements to government officials.

People watching a presentation at a conference

Gu Zhu (second from left), product director of Gago Group, shares innovative achievement of the enterprise with and Luo Bin, CEO of Microsoft Accelerator, and Liu Yandong (second from right), vice premier of China. As Gu introduced the greenhouse counter, Liu said she found the method interesting and that the number of greenhouses can be seen clearly.

People speaking at a conference

Zhang Wenpeng (first from left), founder of Gago Group, Wang Lei (second from left), CTO of Microsoft Accelerator, and Wang Yang, vice premier of China, exchange ideas on innovative products.

72-hour Innovation Challenge


The 72-hour challenge was held from Oct 12 to 14 at the Zhongguancun Innoway. It brought about dockings between the demands of large enterprises and leading innovative and entrepreneurial programs.

Group panel sitting on stage

Wang Lei, CTO of Microsoft Accelerator, exchange ideas on the panel talk about International Innovation and big firms. Judges of the 72-hour geek challenge.

8 Microsoft Accelerator alumni out of 20 Innovation Pioneers 2016


A list of "Innovation Pioneers 2016" is announced at the closing ceremony of the innovation and entrepreneurship week. Alumni enterprises of Microsoft Accelerator counted for nearly half of the top 20 enterprises.

Group of people on stage

Luo Bin, CEO of Microsoft Accelerator, poses with the listed entrepreneurs.