Meet the Startups from the 12th Batch of Microsoft ScaleUp Tel Aviv


This post was written by Navot Volk, Managing Director of Microsoft ScaleUp Tel Aviv


This month marked another milestone for Microsoft ScaleUp Tel Aviv as we celebrated the launch of our twelfth batch of startups and the first batch since launching the new format of our program in February.

Group of people sitting on stairs in a corporate setting

Tel Aviv was the home of the inaugural Microsoft startup accelerator program that launched in 2012. Over the last several years, this program has grown and developed and has found a new maturity as part of the larger Microsoft for Startups initiative.

The startups in this batch join a large and thriving community of companies that have partnered with Microsoft to grow and develop their businesses as well as make strong connections to the global corporate ecosystem. This batch includes a variety of companies focusing on several emerging areas of technological development, with a strong focus on AI.

Last month, we held a special launch event for Microsoft for Startups as part of the wider global rollout of the new program. This event gave us a chance to celebrate along with our startup partners, mentors, and other members of the Israeli tech community.

The new focus of Microsoft for Startups offers these growing businesses a broad array of tools and programs they can use to scale their companies. With a unique mix of support, guided access, and co-sell programs, Microsoft ScaleUp and the wider startups initiative helps companies develop their GTM and marketing strategies.

Please take some time to meet the latest batch of startups below:



codota logo

Codota - an AI pair programmer that helps building better software, faster.

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Ironscales logo

Ironscales - An advanced anti-phishing platform combining human and machine intelligence to automatically analyze, detect and remove malicious emails before and after they land in the inbox.




Octopai logo

Octopai - a SaaS product, enabling organizations to find their data and track its movement process in seconds by automatically discovering, centralizing, and analyzing cross-platform metadata.

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Panorays logo

Panorays – Panorays’ vision is to map the world’s cyber-posture while continuously improving cyber resilience throughout organizations worldwide.

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ParallelM logo

ParallelM - is the first Machine Learning Operationalization [MLOps] company. MLOps solves the inherent and ongoing problem of providing a safe and fast route to AI ROI, by automating deployment, orchestration, and ongoing management of ML in Production.

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Segasec logo

Segasec - helping organizations protect themselves from phishing attacks on their customers.

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SkyWatch logo

SkyWatch - Category leader in safety & insurance-tech for commercial drones and connected platforms.

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Upstream Security logo

Upstream Security - Upstream harnesses the power of automotive fleet big data with its Fleet Cybersecurity Platform™. Upstream assures vehicles, drivers, and fleet infrastructure run smoothly - protected from cyber-attacks and fraud. It delivers non-intrusive, comprehensive visibility of all vehicle transactions, across multiple servers and applications, and secures them using machine-learning based contextual and behavioral analysis.

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ZenCity logo

ZenCity - Leverage AI to understand citizen needs and behavior in your city as shared across digital platforms.

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Zoomin logo

Zoomin - is a cloud personalization and engagement platform for technical product content. Zoomin helps companies such as DELL EMC, MasterCard, and ServiceNow transform the way their customers consume guides, manuals, support articles and community discussions, by providing an engaging and personalized experience and providing critical insights on user interests.

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