Meet the New Cohort for the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in London

September is the month of turning a new leaf, as the summer comes to a close and kids return to school. It’s no different here at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in London, where our new cohort of startups is getting settled in and moving full steam ahead with their ventures.

Founding a startup is an adventure, and at Microsoft we love to be part of their journey – helping them scale and become successful. We selected 12 diverse startups in our new cohort, from the internet of everything or solving parking problems in the heart London to helping the indecisive become…well, more decisive.

The first week of the accelerator is always a whirlwind and has been extremely exciting. We kicked off with our pitch doctor opening the day with ice-breaking activities designed to make everyone fearless, even in a room full of investors. All that participated learned tips, tricks and tactics to be more powerful during any pitch. We also had the startups tackle the marshmallow challenge, which is always eye-opening and teaches important lessons around the power of iterating quickly.

Later we hosted a Mentor matching event and the startups were faced with a room full of advisors and influencers buzzing to meet them. Everyone went away feeling energized and enthusiastic for another amazing new cohort.

Over the next few months, we will help our startups turn from caterpillars into butterflies for The Pitch, our demo day event on December 3, 2014. We are thrilled with such a great group of founders and would like to welcome all of the startups to Microsoft’s Ventures!

Drivers are lost when looking for a parking space. This is until now, AppyParking turns city driving into a walk in the park. | @AppyParking |
Space Lounges is a revolutionary new digital retail experience, aiming to bring together the physical and digital world in harmony, brought to you by a precocious team of 14-20-year olds looking to change the face of retail. The pressing issue for physical retail stores in 2014 is that we can't link data to real people. Space Lounges uses data to enhance and revolutionize the overall human experience. | @SpaceLounges|
One Diary allows you to share your calendars and events with anyone on any platform. You control what you share and with whom just by adding #tags or categories to your events using your existing phone or desktop calendar apps. | @OneDiaryApp |
SAM Labs turns your awesome ideas for innovations, such as asmart fridge, internet connected skateboard or responsive t-shirt, into products in minutes. SAMs are electronic building blocks that connect wirelessly through the SAM App, where they are programmed by placing icons next to each other. Engineering becomes fun and intuitive, great to get children excited about technology, designers to prototype faster and dreamers to bring their ideas to life!
Triggertrap creates tools that help photographers take photos that otherwise would have been impossible: sound, laser, light, motion, vibration and magnetism-triggered photography, along with half a dozen different modes of timelapse photography. Their iOS and Android apps have been downloaded more than 750,000 times, and tens of thousands of photographers around the world are using their products to create new and exciting photography. | @Triggertrap |
Rotor is an online tool for creating music videos. Quality music videos are created in just a few clicks without needing software or skills. Rotor makes music video accessible to anyone. | @RotorVideos |
wooju is an iPhone app that lets you snap & solve indecisive moments by taking a picture, asking a yes/ no question and sending to your friends. Your friends will vote and you get back an easy-to-use poll showing who said yes and who said no so that you can make a decision. It’s as simple as snap, ask, send and solved!
Pixel Blimp is a fresh-faced game developer which loves creating the games you love to play. | @PixelBlimp |
Tickity Boom is a game development studio on projects which appeal to the female 35 + demographic, the majority of users on mobile platforms. Their first game the Antiques affair is all about collecting priceless antiques from all over the world and trading them with your friends. |@TKTYBoomGames
Art Guru is the new generation of audio guides for museum, with image recognition and artificial intelligence. They provide added value to museums with analytics and marketing tools. | @ArtGuruApp |
Myriada builds the most advanced crowd wisdom technology on the market. Access the predictive insight in your network or organization using their product suite. They're building communities with 20/20 foresight. | @Myriada |
FOVE is an eye tracking head mount display. Dive into virtual worlds that know where you are looking, what you are looking at and react to it. Think Iron Man meets Oculus Rift. | @FOVEinc |

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