Inspire 2020 – What you need to know before the show

Inspire 2020 is right around the corner, beginning next week on July 21-22, 2020. There is still time for you to register so before you do anything else, make sure to follow this link to register and then read on to find out exactly what you need to know before the show.

Why Inspire has value for startups

Microsoft Inspire creates connections for partners to extend their network through meaningful relationships with other partners. It also gives you access to Microsoft senior leadership’s perspective on key initiatives and strategies for the next year.

Use your time at Microsoft Inspire to develop new joint sales opportunities by connecting with Microsoft experts, solution specialists, and enterprise channel managers.

Take time to celebrate success with the partner community with recognition and reward innovative solutions that help us all achieve more. Don’t forget to check in on the Partner of the Year Awards which this year included a Microsoft for Startups Partner of the Year for the first time.

Tips and Tricks

The Microsoft Inspire team prepared a Know Before the Show video for you to watch which you can access from the Inspire homepage here.

Watch the video for tips on registering and setting up an agenda for yourself using the Session Scheduler. One thing to note is that most of the sessions repeat to cover multiple time zones so no matter where you are in the world, you’ll have the opportunity to attend what’s important to you. The scheduler is automatically adjusted to show your local date and time.

Tips and Tricks

This year Microsoft Inspire is addressing the challenge of curating a virtual event while continuing to provide networking opportunities to all our partners. The Connection Zone features a range of interactive ways for you to meet and connect with experts and other partners and build community.

For more one-to-one interactions make sure you’ve opted to make your profile visible in the MyInspire attendee directory which will allow you to receive messages and meeting invitations from other attendees. Then when you’re ready to set up meetings of your own, you can browse the Attendee Networking option in the Connection Zone to schedule meetings of your own.

Once the show begins on July 21, you will find everything you need when you come to the home page including livestreamed events with the ability to comment and ask questions and your schedule for the days ahead.

Key Sessions

Each day of Microsoft Inspire days is kicked off by senior leadership before moving into live sessions and on-demand sessions. All sessions follow one of these three tracks:


Innovation is at the core of digital transformation and with the intelligent edge and intelligent cloud, computing is embedded in every aspect of our lives; in every home, business and every industry, creating unprecedented opportunity for partners to expand their customer solutions.


In the current environment, strong leadership is more critical than ever to sustain and grow a thriving partner business. Effective business leadership requires and awareness and understanding of the challenges that affect our customers, partners and employees, as well as the foresight and ability to take decisive action to improve the environments in which we operate.


The most successful partners collaborate to solve real business problems and drive solutions for their customers while expanding their capabilities and growing their business. Leveraging the ecosystem is about focusing on customer outcomes, taking advantage of the power of partnership with Microsoft, looking for complementary solutions with other partners, and delivering value together.

These are some of the sessions that we think will most appeal to our community of startups and entrepreneurs at Microsoft Inspire 2020. Click the links to learn more and add them to your schedule.

For Startups

Modern Work

Business Applications

Apps and Infra


  • Microsoft’s industry innovation: Your partner opportunity
  • Digital breakout sessions aligned to core industries: Tech for Social Impact, Automotive, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media & Communications, Retail & Consumer Goods, Defense & Intelligence, Education, Government. You can search the session catalog by industry to find relevant sessions.



We look forward to seeing you at Microsoft Inspire 2020!