InfoTiles aims to improve decision making during the pandemic

As we continue to adjust to the ongoing situation, there are new decisions being made every day that have never been made before. Accessing the data necessary to ensure that these decisions are based on facts and not supposition is key to maintaining the seamless operation of many businesses.

Back in late 2016, Norwegian-based InfoTiles started developing a cloud-based streaming service to gather, process, analyze and visualize companies’ data in one place, in real time. Targeting utilities and public services like water, wastewater and recycling, InfoTiles recognized that data on each of these services was coming from a variety of suppliers and applications in a multitude of formats. This valuable data, which could help inform decision making and improve the quality of service being provided, was inaccessible and hard to gather into a useful context.

Co-founder Johnny Alexander Gunneng explains the solution they built, “InfoTiles normalizes input regardless of the source — IoT-sensors, SCADA systems, open data or other software — allowing continuous, real-time analysis and modelling. This enables users to process and visualize the information generated by the Internet of Everything (IoE) with analytics and predictions, to make sense of the data. In essence, we break down information silos and make data usable for machine learning and AI.”

InfoTiles Logo

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, InfoTiles turned its attention to providing support for companies and services who were responding to the crisis. Integrating information from global datasets, and internal reporting tools as well as user-generated input and questionnaires, InfoTiles delivers vital insights in a user-friendly interface.

For large organizations the solution can also be set up to register cases by business unit or include user data, such as for healthcare institutions or kindergartens. The service includes geographical positioning of all observations which can be visualized on maps and information tiles.

InfoTiles team

InfoTiles recently closed a round of investment with Norwegian VC ProVenture. Borgar Ljosland Sr. Partner at ProVenture said, “We are excited to announce the agreement with InfoTiles as our first investment in our new sustainable digital technologies fund. We see great potential in the InfoTiles platform across industry segments.

The fact that InfoTiles has such strong partnership with Microsoft and that their solution is already available on Azure Marketplace made this an even stronger case. ProVenture invests in world class teams, products and technologies that advances the 4th industrial revolution in the context of sustainability and renewables. One of the great short-term hurdles we see in accelerating data analytics, prediction and automation is in the data integration layer that is required for virtually any digitalization project. Especially the issue of legacy data warehouses and sensor systems with data locked-up in silos within organizations makes digitalization projects complex and costly.

InfoTiles is addressing these issues with their low-cost, easy-to-use and flexible SaaS/PaaS platform which significantly lowers the barriers for organizations to digitize their operations with a platform that enables machine learning, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems to be smoothly integrated into their organization.”

No one quite knows what happens next or whether the changes we have made under the pandemic will last. Gunneng had this advice for other founders planning the next few months, “Create a business model that is cloud and digital native. This will let you interact with your team, partners and clients no matter what the “new normal” will be.”