Microsoft Ignite the Tour Hosts Leading Startups in Seoul

Date Updated: Monday, January 20, 2020

On January 21-22, Microsoft Ignite the Tour lands in Seoul, South Korea

Microsoft Ignite the Tour is designed for anyone who is motivated to be on the frontier of innovation and technology to attend technical trainings led by Microsoft experts. We recognize that the role of IT has shifted considerably, therefore, our learning paths and sessions are meant for all roles, from developers and IT implementers to those who make large-scale purchasing decisions for enterprise tech and security solutions.

We’re hosting a Startup Gallery at the event with eight innovative startups from across our portfolio to showcase their solutions to attendees.  If you’re in Seoul, we invite you to come by and visit these startups to learn more about their technology.


Educast – Online Course Platform

Online Education Platform using Azure Media Services and other Azure resources. They provide various courses of programming, AI, ML, DB, and others for developers. Learn more about Educast by visiting LinkedIn and Facebook.


FATOS – Intelligent Mobility

FATOS Maps API: Based on the global map, it can be applied to various mobility services. Users can quickly and easily use the features they want at a reasonable price in a web or application environment.

FATOS Fleet: Web-based, real-time vehicle operation information analysis control service. Vehicle information received from various terminals including smartphones is transmitted to the server in real time. By analyzing the information, we provide various data such as driving status of the vehicle and driving pattern of the driver. Learn more about FATOS by visiting LinkedIn and Facebook.

Filing box logo

FilingBox – Secure ransomware-proof storage

FilingBox is the only 100% ransomware prevention network storage which protects your data from ransomware, even if your PC and servers are already exposed to ransomware. Learn more about FilingBox by visiting their LinkedIn and Twitter.


Gooroomee – Real-time Video Communication Platform

Tech Startup running real-time video communication Platform with Azure Media Services and other Azure resources. Learn more about Gooroomee by visiting their Facebook page.


Imagination Garden – Hydroponics System with smart fertilizer

Elastic design fit to customer's requirement and affordable vertical farming system using Azure system. Learn more about Imagination Garden at their website.


MoBagel – AI-driven decision making for enterprises

Decanter – an AI engine that contains more than 60 machine-learning algorithms to help enterprises quickly build AI-driven data solutions. Decanter has helped MoBagel secure key clients and successful cases in the United States, Japan, China, and Taiwan with its AI-driven data solutions in the banking, insurance manufacturing, retail, and telecom industries. Learn more about MoBagel by visiting their visiting their LinkedIn and Twitter.


TestWorks – Social venture, testing and building AI data set.

Offering leading-edge, end-to-end software testing solutions and services to enable our customers to accelerate business growth while having confidence in the software they deliver. We make AI smarter and faster by providing high quality data with a human touch. Learn more about TestWorks by visiting LinkedIn.


THE.WAVE.TALK – Rapid and accurate bacteria detection.

Biotech startup using Azure to run machine learning to identify bacteria inside liquid. Learn more about THE.WAVE.TALK by visiting their LinkedIn and Twitter.

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