Microsoft Ignite the Tour Hosts Leading Startups in London

On January 16-17, Microsoft Ignite the Tour our premier IT technical readiness customer event, is coming to London, the UK’s capital.

Microsoft Ignite the Tour is designed for anyone who is motivated to be on the frontier of innovation and technology to attend technical trainings led by Microsoft experts. We recognize that the role of IT has shifted considerably, therefore, our learning paths and sessions are meant for all roles, from developers and IT implementers to those who make large-scale purchasing decisions for enterprise tech and security solutions.

Once again, Microsoft for Startups is hosting a Startup Gallery at the event where we have invited eight groundbreaking startups from across our portfolio to showcase their solutions for attendees.  If you’re in London, we invite you to come by and check them out.

Microsoft Ignite the Tour Hosts Leading Startups in London

Microshare, Inc. – Unleash the data!

Microshare is an IoT and Data Sharing Platform that delivers disruptive operational savings and insights across all industries leveraging data. The Microshare Platform drives digital transformation and data monetization including new revenue streams, new business models and strategic differentiation through the implementation of a unique data governance fabric to the Internet of Things revolution. Learn more about Microshare, Inc. by visiting their LinkedIn and Twitter.


PriceSynergy – Keep your customers close, Keep your competitors closer!

PriceSynergy records millions of product data points every hour of the day, processing near-real-time marketplace analytics. Data is aggregated over products, brands and resellers allowing seamless reporting through our PowerBI reporting suite enabling data-informed decisions to be made at a click of a button. Learn more about PriceSynergy by visiting their LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sofy logo

SOFY – Ship Quality Code Fast

SOFY automates your software testing, uses machine learning to create tests. It suggests test scenarios based on product changes, customer usage data and runs at scale. Software testing has never been so simple. Learn more about SOFY by visiting their LinkedIn and Twitter.

Microsoft Ignite the Tour Hosts Leading Startups in London

StaffCircle – Unified communications, performance management and culture platform.

Staffcircle is an all-in-one culture and performance platform for creating greater engagement between management and workforce. StaffCircle runs on Microsoft Azure and interconnects with other Microsoft technology including AD to create better consistency and connection between both office staff and front-line, non-desk workers. Learn more about StaffCircle by visiting their LinkedIn and Twitter.


Tilkee – Data-Driven Sales & Marketing Platform

Using innovative tracking tools, AI-powered engagement analytics, and over 30 tool integrations including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, the Tilkee platform increases management effectiveness and helps achieve higher productivity. Learn more about Tilkee by visiting Twitter and LinkedIn.

Microsoft Ignite the Tour Hosts Leading Startups in London

Web3 Labs – The connector for enterprise technology and the blockchain.

Blockchain Explorer for Azure Blockchain Service, Ethereum and Quorum blockchain deployments.

It provides a rich interface for interpreting data on your ledger, with detailed views of:

· Tokens

· Contracts

· Accounts

· Transactions

· Blocks

Learn more about Web3 Labs by visiting Twitter or LinkedIn.

Microsoft Ignite the Tour Hosts Leading Startups in London

Xtract – The future of motor claims

Xtract is focused on providing real-time vehicle crash analytics and visual reconstruction for motor claims. We do this by aggregating multiple data sources including telematics, weather, mapping, imagery, repair parts and other connected car data to quickly assess the liability associated with a motor accident. The results are delivered directly into an existing claims business process through a non-disruptive integration into the claims handlers core claims system. Learn more about Xtract by visiting LinkedIn.

Microsoft Ignite the Tour Hosts Leading Startups in London

Zegami – Accelerate your data and machine-learning journey

Zegami is the next generation of data visualization platforms. We’ve made data analysis accessible to everyone by making it visual and intuitive. The tool transforms data into actionable insights, using both structured and unstructured data, AI and human pattern recognition. Learn more about Zegami by visiting Twitter and LinkedIn.