Global Startup Roadshow Profile: Sensoro, Microsoft Accelerator Graduate

As part of our second annual Microsoft Global Startup Roadshow, we’re introducing some of our top startups here on the Microsoft Accelerator blog. Keep an eye out for more as we gear up for the 5-day event next week!


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Sensoro is a Chinese startup from Beijing founded in 2013 by Tony Wuyang and Vivian Li. The company works to bring the physical and digital worlds together by applying sensing technologies to a range of different jobs, tasks, and functions.

Working in the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT), Sensoro’s ground-breaking Alpha Product Suite provides businesses with long-range, low-power options for their IoT sensors and related networks. It offers a platform that is simple to implement with a network that can span more than 120 square miles. In that range, it supports thousands of sensor devices.

The startup is a graduate from Microsoft’s Accelerator in China and now has offices in both Beijing and Seattle. After benefiting from a range of mentoring and deep-tech coaching sessions, for which Microsoft is the natural choice, Sensoro has been chosen to take part in this year’s Microsoft’s Global Startup Roadshow.

Where are they now?

Both Li and Wuyang believe that simplicity is key when it comes to implementing this type of sensor-based network. The architecture is configured in an easy to use star topology, and the base station relays information between deployed IoT sensor devices and the centralized management platform on the network backend. The long-range, low-power IoT-WAN exchanges data with the sensor devices, and uses Ethernet and 3G to exchange data with the management platform residing on the Internet or internal network. Simple.


After graduating, Sensoro went on to secure $10 million in VC funding in 2015, which it used to further develop its sensor network and platform offerings.When Sensoro came to Microsoft Accelerator in Beijing, the company was full of great, revolutionary ideas, but was unsure of how to scale and grow. After being exposed to some of the greatest minds in the industry, Sensoro was able to become enterprise ready and take on huge international clients. With Microsoft at its side—the natural partner for deep-tech solutions—Sensoro capitalized on the access to technology afforded to them by taking part in the Microsoft Accelerator program.

After graduating, Sensoro went on to secure $10 million in VC funding in 2015, which it used to further develop its sensor network and platform offerings.

Sensoro is now a world-leading beacon, sensor transmission technology and SCRM data analytics platform. It is used by droves of household names and well-known business entities, including the Palace Museum, the National Museum of China, Sony, European soccer giants Real-Madrid, KFC, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut, among others.

Most recently, in 2016, the startup teamed up once again with Microsoft China, to build a cloud and application incubator platform - based on Microsoft Azure - to support technological innovation, entrepreneurs, and product promotion at Shanghai Zhangjiang. Like many of the startups involved in the Microsoft Accelerator, Sensoro has been instrumental in furthering Microsoft’s own technology platform innovation, such as Azure Blue.

Moving forward

Sensoro says the accelerator program was a company-defining moment that sculpted them into an enterprise ready business. Microsoft, the firm adds, was the obvious choice for support and help in fulfilling its aims, due to its deep-tech knowledge and innovation. The team at Sensoro received coaching and advice from an army of experts across marketing and sales to help them get to where they are today.

As well as help with development, Microsoft continues to help Sensoro make contacts within the world of business and set up meetings with myriad Microsoft clients. As well as these connections, Sensoro also continues to benefit from meeting and talking to fellow accelerator alumni, putting them in good stead to forge a route to the future. With the company’s recent $18M Series B funding announcement, we’re eager to see what Sensoro has in store for the next 12 months and beyond.

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For further information about Sensoro, visit their homepage, which features information about their solutions and pricing, and offers access to blog resources.


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