Global Startup Roadshow Profile: Coralogix, Microsoft Accelerator Graduate

As part of our second annual Microsoft Global Startup Roadshow, we’re introducing some of our top startups here on the Microsoft Accelerator blog. Keep an eye out for more as we gear up for the 5-day event next week!

In 2016, Coralogix—a company focused on the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to power log analytics—was selected to join the Microsoft Accelerator in Tel Aviv. Founded by Guy Kroupp, Ariel Assaraf and Lior Redlus in Israel in 2014, the startup is now based in San Francisco. The Coralogix team, who went through the Microsoft Accelerator program, is dedicated to helping enterprises manage their log data, as well as detecting and solving production problems more quickly and easily.

One of the biggest challenges of the modern age is dealing with the huge amount of log data created by computer servers. Not only does this include storage, it also means interpreting information about the server operations - including errors, warnings, and user behavior - which are normally saved in plain text log files on local file systems.

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Coralogix helps fix broken functionalities; algorithms; APIs and other issues that arise by removing the need to manually search through mountains of data. This process, now outdated, wastes around 70 percent of engineers’ time, giving them just a fraction of their working life to do what they do best: fix problems. The startup teamed up with Microsoft because they saw a natural fit between their goals and the deep technology capabilities that we provide for their machine learning and AI platform.

Technologies like machine learning and AI are already being used for predictive maintenance in heavy industry. Coralogix uses similar processes to streamline methods for detecting problems before they result in downtime. As we all know, network downtime is a costly problem that plagues businesses the all over the world. The mission of Coralogix is to free up time so that engineers can focus on more valuable tasks, such as solving issues rather than just searching for them.

Machine learning and AI systems can automatically detect software problems and present them in a single view. In the same way that certain platforms help professionals like accountants crunch numbers more easily, so Coralogix makes isolating and finding program issues more efficient. This is important for enterprises since engineers have traditionally had to search through millions of data points. Now, this information can be aggregated into single rows of information that give easily digestible insights.

Where are they now?

A few years back, the team at Coralogix admitted that, for them, things like marketing, PR and sales were a key challenge for their company. They said that they knew their project was “something special,” but that before embarking on their journey with Microsoft, they did not know how to market themselves or create awareness. For Coralogix, the Tel Aviv Accelerator was an opportunity to get enterprise ready, scale, and prepare to deal with bigger clients.

For Coralogix, the Tel Aviv Accelerator was an opportunity to get enterprise ready, scale, and prepare to deal with bigger clients.

Over the last year, Coralogix has been highlighted as one of the ‘six big data companies to watch in 2017’ by The Next Web, and has also been covered in other leading publications such as Inc. Magazine, Engadget and CIO. The company completed its second round of funding straight after leaving the Microsoft Accelerator in July 2016, and has expanded its team from five to twelve—8 core team members and 4 contractors. The company has also strategically relocated its headquarters to San Francisco.

Since graduating from the accelerator program, the team has watched as a number of metrics have improved. With a list of impressive customers, it is no surprise to see their revenue - and reputation - grow in stature, helping to cement their place in the technology industry.

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The company has also launched Coralogix 2.0, based on feedback gathered through conversations with more than 60 enterprise clients. The aim of the latest version is not to settle with just being an advanced machine learning-powered log analytics platform; the team at Coralogix also wants to focus on providing the best possible user experience.

For Kroupp, the startup’s CEO, one of the aims of the platform is to help businesses overcome hurdles when looking for talent. The war for tech talent has been an ever-present issue for the sector and, as developers, the talented minds behind Coralogix know only too well how irksome this can be. Kroupp and everyone else acknowledge that “amazing” developers and engineers are in short supply, and while Coralogix can’t make finding that talent easier, the business can increase the time available to development teams by removing boring and repetitive tasks from the equation.

Looking to the future

This talented startup says the Microsoft Accelerator program got them enterprise ready and helped them get to where they needed to be in order to continue to grow and develop. They found that constant advice from sales and marketing experts pushed them in the right direction and helped them develop weaker aspects of their overall business strategy—advice they will continue drawing on as they scale.

Of course, another benefit for Coralogix that continues to help them thrive is the array of networking and funding opportunities made available to them through the program. They grew to know Microsoft business partners - and fellow alumni – that have become valuable resources for the future. Microsoft’s technology is a natural choice for Coralogix, and they are confident it will help them progress as a cutting-edge deep tech solutions provider.

We wish Coralogix every success in the future and we can’t wait to see where they will go next.

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