Global Startup Roadshow Profile: Cognisess, Microsoft Accelerator Graduate

As part of our second annual Microsoft Global Startup Roadshow, we’re introducing some of our top startups here on the Microsoft Accelerator blog. Keep an eye out for more as we gear up for the 5-day event next week!

Cognisess is a deep learning analytics startup that develops people analytics software for recruiters and organizations. Founded in 2012, in the city of Bath, UK, Cognisess combines neuroscience, video, and game mechanics to help organizations find the right talent for the right jobs—based on their real skills, not their ability to impress in interviews.

This week, Cognisess joins a batch of talented startups that have traveled to Seattle to take part in the Microsoft Global Startup Roadshow. The team took part in Microsoft’s 2014 London Accelerator, a program that helps talented businesses get enterprise ready. Microsoft, with its position as a global tech leader, is the clear choice for deep-tech startups, providing them with access to technology, customer introductions, mentoring and more.

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The Cognisess platform focuses on three important areas to help companies find the right talent: Candidate Recruitment, Employee Productivity, and Organizational Design. They offer software to automate the process of screening CVs and applications, as well as arranging interviews with the most suitable candidates. Additionally, Cognisess has created Deep Learn™, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) predictive people analytics engine which changes how recruiters measure talent, potential, and performance.

Chris Butt, Cognisess CEO, is a strong advocate for using data—which this platform harvests from performance based games and tasks—to identify the right talent. He says that by using data rather than “personal presentation,” companies can better identify the talent of their dreams.

Where are they now?

Since graduating in 2014, Cognisess has gone from strength to strength. After receiving specialist mentoring, technical assistance, and access to resources from Microsoft, the company has grown at a rapid pace.

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While Cognisess was already making waves when it came to Microsoft—a strong founding team and more than 100 leads trialing the system—the company’s work with Microsoft has been a real door- (and eye-) opening experience. Cognisess is forecasting £55,000 monthly recurring revenue this year.

Cognisess joined Microsoft Accelerator to support the growth of its world-leading predictive people analytics platform. Since then, the company has gone on to appoint a new Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Boris Altemeyer, and to further develop its Deep Learn™ machine learning engine. The team has expanded rapidly and now has partner offices in Australia, Ireland and the Netherlands. Additionally, Cognisess has successfully raised Seed and Series A funding, and has also developed an extensive network of academic and corporate partners.

Moving forward

Cognisess says that the 2014 accelerator program was a life-changing experience that helped get them enterprise ready. For a firm like Cognisess, Microsoft proved to be a invaluable partner and provider of world-leading deep tech insight. They received coaching and help from sales and marketing experts and have exceeded all of their own expectations.

For a firm like Cognisess, Microsoft proved to be a invaluable partner and provider of world-leading deep tech insight.

While Cognisess arrived at Microsoft with an already impressive client pipeline, the networking opportunities Microsoft’s partnership has brought about have been extraordinary. Through the London Accelerator program, Cognisess has come to know myriad Microsoft clients and fellow accelerator alumni, forming relationships that will help them succeed now and in the future.

Get in touch

For further information about Cognisess, visit their homepage, which features information about their solutions and pricing, and offers access to blog resources.

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