Global Startup Roadshow Profile: Agolo, Microsoft Accelerator Graduate

As part of our second annual Microsoft Global Startup Roadshow, we’re introducing some of our top startups here on the Microsoft Accelerator blog. Keep an eye out for more as we gear up for the 5-day event next week!


Founded by duo Sage Wohns (CEO) - who has 15 years’ experience in his industry - and Chief Technology Officer Mohammad AlTantawy, Agolo is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that empowers world-leading media companies to summarize their news on Facebook and Amazon’s Alexa.

Agolo works by mimicking the human brain to analyze content by identifying various subjects and drawing connections between them. These algorithms don’t just “read,” they actively comprehend. This helps Agolo’s clients, which include a number of big names, to consume information faster and more efficiently. It maximizes time for workers, allowing analysts to think creatively and not just plough through endless data points. The company is looking for AI to enable people to focus on what they do best—drive sound business decisions.

With coaching and support from Microsoft, the obvious choice for startups working on deep-tech solutions, Agolo is poised to take on other sectors, such as financial services, in the near future. As part of its relationship with Microsoft, Agolo also takes part in calls and discussions to give feedback on Microsoft Azure. This helps Microsoft innovate and provide support for a growing number of startups around the world.

What’s next?

After graduating from the Microsoft Accelerator, Agolo finds itself in a position to target new markets. With deep-tech guidance and mentoring from Microsoft, Agolo is set up for success: enterprise ready and prepared to scale beyond others in the field.

In addition to working with some of the largest media firms in the business, Agolo plans to target financial services analysts, helping them to improve the way they work each day. An upcoming company announcement - as yet, undisclosed - will support the recruitment and engineering efforts well into 2017. By that point, Agolo will also have integrated summarization services into additional platforms, such as Microsoft’s Skype, Slack, and others.

The March towards progress

A team of talented individuals, Agolo benefited in many ways from their time in the Seattle Accelerator program last year. With ongoing advice and support from a host of sales and marketing gurus, Agolo was able to navigate the difficult path to success for tech startups and has been able to grow and develop in new and exciting ways. They managed to take their weakest points and forge them into strengths that will see them do well as they continue to scale.

The networking opportunities afforded to Agolo have been enormous, and they have used them to their fullest advantage. They connected in meaningful ways with Microsoft team members, high profile clients and - of course - other talented alumni from the accelerator.

Agolo’s CEO says that, when they came to the accelerator, they were an algorithm company. Now that they have been through our process, they’ve morphed into a data company, something they say is “the dream” of any AI startup. Today, Agolo has the world’s largest data set for human annotated summaries.

Get in touch

For further information about Agolo, visit their homepage, which features a range of informative tutorial videos and blog resources, or contact via email at


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