Find Insta-Inspiration from Microsoft Ventures Startups

In October, we officially launched our Microsoft Accelerator Instagram channel to give a peek behind our accelerator doors and show the world what our startups are made of. We kicked off the channel with a Startup Stories campaign, which celebrates the bold, brave and brilliant companies that are part of our Microsoft Accelerator program and inspires other entrepreneurs to #AchieveMore.

Instagram is one of the many ways Microsoft Accelerator celebrates startups and the everyday entrepreneur.

Rather than share photos of our startups for this campaign, we decided to take a different route: illustrations.

All startups begin with the spark of an idea, notes and doodles quickly jotted down—“the napkin stage.” The Startup Stories illustrations play on this concept to highlight what each of our featured startups are doing, why they are doing it, and to share a bit of entrepreneurial insights from their founders.

Take Rallyteam, a San Francisco-based startup that graduated from the Seattle Accelerator’s second batch, which focused on enterprise productivity. Rallyteam is a matchmaker of sorts. It’s a talent management platform that helps people find the right project or role in their current company, and in turn, helps businesses make the most of their talent pool.

Huan Ho, Rallyteam’s founder, says his platform “is for anyone who’s not satisfied with the status quo and for large, forward-thinking organizations that recognize that employees want to grow through new learning opportunities.” One of the artists we’re working with captured the Rallyteam story through a series of illustrations that resonated well with aspiring entrepreneurs on Instagram.

Find Insta-Inspiration from Microsoft Ventures Startups

The campaign features startups at varying stages of development and from a wide variety of industries—engineering, music, and virtual reality, to name a few. One of these is female-founded FOVE, which was part of batch two out of our London Accelerator.

FOVE is the world’s first eye-tracking virtual reality headset, so it’s no surprise the artist focused on the human eye for this illustration series. FOVE founder Yuka Kojima said she wanted to “realize non-verbal communication virtually.” And while she doubted some of her own decisions while building the startup, Kojima keeps a positive outlook, saying “It’s not failure. It’s all been necessary for the current me.” Inspirational quotes like this seem to hit home with social media users in this space.

Find Insta-Inspiration from Microsoft Ventures Startups

Instagram is one of the many ways Microsoft Ventures celebrates startups and the everyday entrepreneur. We hope the Startup Stories campaign, and our Instagram channel in general, inspires dreamers and entrepreneurs to keep pushing forward, pursue their passions and #AchieveMore. Make sure to look for more Startup Stories on Instagram next week.

Want to see your startup story on our Instagram channel? Here’s what to do: 1) follow Microsoft Accelerator on Instagram, 2) post your own startup story along with an illustration or napkin sketch, 3) use the hashtag #AchieveMore, and 4) make sure to tag @MSFTVentures. We’ll pick our favorites and feature them on our channel—maybe yours will be next!