Diversity in Tech Awards 2020 aim to acknowledge, celebrate and inspire

It is an old and worn cliché for entrepreneurs and people in tech to look at every challenge and declare it an opportunity. And yet the history of the Diversity in Tech Awards suggests that there is still plenty of truth to be wrung from such a cliché.

When the Web Summit moved to Portugal in 2017 after almost a decade in Dublin, the opportunity arose for a new Dublin Tech Summit to take its place as the premier international tech event in Ireland.

The first Dublin Tech Summit had 49% female attendance and set out its stall by establishing the annual Women in Tech Awards given out each year at the event. 2020 presents a new challenge with the entire Dublin Tech Summit going virtual and the organizers have taken this opportunity to upgrade and rebrand their annual awards as the Diversity in Tech Awards and solicit nominations from all over the world.

Diversity in Tech Awards 2020 aim to acknowledge, celebrate and inspire

The goal of the awards is to “shine the spotlight on the achievements of organisations creating a more diverse workplace while striving to narrow the gender gap in the technology sector.”

Awards will be presented in 18 different categories, nine under the banner of Women in Tech and nine for Diversity in Tech.

Women in Tech

The Women in Tech categories take in tech leadership, entrepreneurship, digital transformation, mentorship and data science. In addition, there is a special recognition award for women who have made their mark in innovation. The Grace Hopper Award is named after the pioneering US computer scientist who was one of the earliest programmers of the Harvard Mark 1, the world’s first electromechanical computer.

The first recipient of the Grace Hopper Award in 2019 was Barbara McCarthy, CTO of Ding.

Diversity in Tech

The Diversity in Tech categories include awards for role models in tech, LGBTQ+ inclusion, social mobility, disability inclusion, cultural inclusion, generational inclusion and health and wellness. There will also be a awards for International Company of the Year given to the company which is best “able to demonstrate a holistic and long-term commitment to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) within their culture.”

Microsoft for Startups as headline sponsor

Last month, Tracey Carney, managing director of Dublin Tech Summit and organizer of the Diversity in Tech Awards announced a new sponsor for the awards, “We’re excited to welcome our headline sponsor Microsoft for Startups as we expand our diversity awards and acknowledge the best that the Irish and international tech scene has to offer.”

In addition to coming on board as headline sponsor, Microsoft for Startups will also be presenting the International Diverse Company of the Year award.

Andrew Macadam, managing director of Microsoft for Startups in Western Europe, explained, “Microsoft’s mission is all about empowering every person and company on the planet to achieve more and this partnership is totally aligned with empowering people that are making a real impact and progress to encompass D&I in their culture.”

Macadam continued, “I see the Diversity in Tech Awards not only recognizing, but amplifying the voices of founders and companies that are under-represented at the moment. These awards help everyone understand the opportunity and impact of a diverse and inclusive culture and we are excited to be working in partnership with them.”

Nominations now open

The Diversity in Tech Awards will be presented on November 10, 2020 and the nominations in all categories are open from now until August 26.

You can find all the nomination criteria here.

Click here to start nominating for the 2020 Diversity in Tech Awards - judgify.me/dita2020.