Demo Night in Berlin: 8 Startups Graduate from the Berlin Accelerator

Time flies when you’re having fun. And it flies even faster when you’re having fun and trying to change the world. That’s certainly true for the startups that go through our 4-month accelerator program.

Demo Night in Berlin: 8 Startups Graduate from the Berlin Accelerator 24

It feels like just yesterday that our 8 third-batch startups moved into the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Berlin. Then, in the blink of an eye, they were graduating. But what’s even more incredible is that these startups finished the program as very different companies than what they were when they began. In only 16 week’s time, they made tremendous progress. Watching the incredible transformation of not only the businesses, but of the individuals building those businesses as well, is truly an exciting experience—and something we have now witnessed three times here in Berlin, not to mention numerous more times around the world.

The ingredients for our program are simple: great entrepreneurs, experienced mentors, great tech, and access to customers and partners. But it takes more than that. It takes hard work and dedication to turn these ingredients into something tangible, especially in only four months. Our eight recent graduates did exactly that and we couldn’t be more proud of what they accomplished.

Demo Night in Berlin: 8 Startups Graduate from the Berlin Accelerator 30

Our accelerator program culminates with a Demo Night where our startups have the opportunity to share those accomplishments by presenting their companies to an audience of investors. The theme for batch 3 was “Crossroads,” which represents the many decisive moments startups encounter on their paths to success. Throughout the course of the program, we support our startups in facing these crossroads. And even after they move on, we will continue to accompany them on their journeys and stay engaged with them via our alumni program.

The end of one batch also marks the beginning of another, and so we are already on the lookout for great entrepreneurs to join the program in late August. We’re sure that batch 4 will pass just as quickly as the three batches before it, but there is no doubt it will be just as transformative.

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IPlytics develops a SaaS solution to analyze market developments, technology trends, and a company’s competitive environment by making sense of big data. | @IPlytics |
Portadi gives team managers control over access rights to cloud apps and tells them who on their team has access to which apps. |
q.Datum is a marketplace for raw and aggregate cross-industry data. | @qDatum_io I
QuantifiedCode gives developers superpowers with big data and machine learning. | @quantifiedcode |
Skoove makes interactive apps that enable users to learn to play piano and guitar. | @skoovenews |
Tandemploy is the online platform for job sharing. At, people find their perfect tandem partner to share a job with - and meet companies open to job sharing. | @tandemploy |
Tripdelta is a flight search engine that finds flights like a travel hacker. |
WunderAgent is Germany's first online real estate agent that enables property owners to market their apartments themselves and book additional agent services on-demand. | @wunderagent |