Demo Day London - Music, Mobile Learning, Games and More

Two weeks ago, the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in London celebrated the graduation of its pilot cohort at its first Demo Day, held in the towering heights of the 39th Floor of Level39, overlooking the striking London skyline. The five diverse teams presented on Demo Day to a standing room only crowd of investors, mentors, partners and TechCity influentials. You can see how the day unfolded in this short video, but it’s safe to say that after 12 full-on weeks, including many days of pitch coaching and pitching practice, the teams were ready and they did us (and themselves) proud. We had music being thrown around the room, insight into the next gen of mobile learning, the game world behind social messaging, the power of anonymity and the cutest Tiny Trees you could ever hope to grow.

Founded in September of 2013, the London Accelerator is part of Microsoft Ventures’ growing global network of accelerators. The 5 teams went through a 12-week programme, during which, experienced and passionate mentors pushed their company propositions to the limits. Experts in subjects from Lean Startup Methodology, finance and IP law to PR, social media, enterprise selling and more, imparted valuable knowledge, while VCs scrutinised their business plans. This journey culminated in five incredibly smart and polished pitches to an audience of investors and tech industry gurus. You could say that Demo Day was BBC’s Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank meets a big hug - rather than exhibiting a hard-nosed edge, this audience was very much engaged in the ambitions of these companies and keen to help and see them succeed.

See what happened at the 1st Demo Day of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator programme in London featuring Colinked, KO-SU, GallantCloud, SpeakInConfidence and Whispering Gibbon.

Meet the graduating cohort:

Colinked – Colinked’s product is called, SoundSync, allows users to throw and catch music in a variety of exciting ways. It also lets you build a library of music from different sources, including YouTube, Spotify and iTunes.
KO-SU – KO-SU is an innovative learning platform designed specifically for mobile, rather than just e-learning accessed via mobile.
GallantCloud – Their first game, Ether, is a twist on the 3D tunnel runner genre, integrating social communication with gaming, with the aim of bringing fun and competition to email and social media.
SpeakInConfidence – SpeakInConfidence enables organisations to collect information in an anonymous, trusted environment and present it on in an actionable way.
Whispering Gibbon – Their game, Tiny Trees, is a uniquely relaxing, virtual pet game, aimed at the fastest growing demographic (adult females), with the highest average IAP spend (older players).

Following the pitches, we announced the next batch of startups who will join the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in London. This next Accelerator cohort begins in February 2014.

The Microsoft Ventures Accelerator London February 2014 Cohort:


Barpass – a mobile ordering platform that lets consumers order and pay for their food, drink or merchandise, automatically.
Buying Butler – making complex purchases simple.
Caribu – allows young children and their families to video-call and read books at the same time, no matter where they are.
Cognisess – a people analytics solution that uses objective performance-based games, big data insight and neuroscience to provide multi–dimensional assessment and more.
image:io_Logo_220x56 – a Cloud Monitoring Service designed for Enterprises running Cloud Services at scale, delivering agility and speed to a DevOps team.
Gateway Interactive – their latest game, Pure Space, aims to provide players with a new and never before seen game experience by taking advantage of the latest cloud technologies.
SKARA – both a versus game and a multiplayer game featuring adversarial control and combat set in massive multiplayer arenas that will revolution the social fighting landscape.
image:statio_logo – a search engine for the world's socio-economic data.
UXCam – an app that captures usability data when a user interacts with an app, providing visual and statistical insights to improve usability of the app or website.
Vastari – a unique online platform to connect museum curators and private collectors for exhibition loans.
Vivid – Technologies: Tackling customer service issues – by ending the endless wait and annoyance of a customer service call.
Von Bismark – building an ecommerce platform for the high street, pioneering the next wave of the physical web for retail.

For anyone who has a ground breaking idea in the area of cloud, internet, mobile or gaming, please contact Microsoft Ventures Accelerator London or follow us on Twitter at @msftventuresuk (#MSFTVenturesUK) to learn more about the Accelerator programme.