Create33 launches Startup Success 2020 in collaboration with Microsoft

This year Create33, in collaboration with Microsoft for Startups, has launched the Startup Success program to provide content, connections and resources for technology entrepreneurs who have experienced barriers to entry, specifically from the BBIPOC (Black, Brown, Indigenous People of Color) community.

Create33 launches Startup Success 2020 in collaboration with Microsoft

This year’s program launched virtually on June 10 and will run through November, providing content, connections, coaching and community for 27 BBIPOC-led technology startups. The cohort will participate in semi-monthly seed summits, including deep dives on team building, customer acquisition, raising institutional funding, scaling technology for growth, leadership development, presenting and pitching, as well as personalized programming and 1:1 mentorship. Companies selected to participate will also receive free membership to Create33 for the duration of the program.

“Over the past months, we have experienced the pandemic known as COVID-19, but this country has been in the grips of a pandemic for centuries: racism and anti-blackness. These crises have highlighted and exacerbated the existing institutional barriers around access to resources for communities of color. Though it is an incredibly raw moment to launch this effort, with an inspiring cohort of startups and experts engaged in the work, we are thankful to do so,” said Rebecca Lovell, Executive Director at Create33.

Create33 launches Startup Success 2020 in collaboration with Microsoft

Microsoft for Startups will be supporting the cohort with several touchpoints throughout the program such as executive mentorship, targeted content and workshops and further opportunities to connect with Microsoft experts from around the world on the widest range of topics.

Ian Bergman, Global Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups said, “The startups who have been chosen to be a part of Create33’s inaugural cohort have innovative businesses with fantastic potential and we’re excited to contribute support.”

The final stage for the program will be a demo day for financial institutions and investors: angel and venture capital, lenders, community capital and credit unions.

Create33 describe the initial cohort as “a showcase of Pacific Northwest innovation: two thirds B2B, and one third B2C startups, with verticals represented including fintech, devops, edtech, wellness, e-commerce and the creative economy.”

You can learn more about the program and Create33’s work with Microsoft for Startups here.

About Create33

Create33 is a membership organization, based in the Pacific Northwest, serving high-growth tech startups with targeted programming, mentorship, customer connections, and investor introductions.