Cohort 6 Start Up Appiness Launch Spott in Belgium



The Belgian start up Appiness, which recently joined Cohort #6 at the Microsoft Accelerator London, just launched their inspiration platform Spott in Belgium.

From October 12th on, Belgian TV viewers will now be able to use Spott, an innovative platform that allows users to spot inspiration on their TV screens with just a tab of the finger and buy everything they see directly through an online store. After completing a successful trial period of 18 months, Spott will now be officially launched in Belgium.

How does Spott work?

Spott uses sound recognition to identify the program you are watching, regardless of whether that program is live or recorded. On your smartphone display, while opening the 2nd screen application, key frames of the watched content will appear, which contain small white dots indicating which products you can buy or add to your wish list.

You are now able to actually buy the kitchen machine Sofie Dumont uses in ‘In de Keuken van Sofie’ while watching the cooking show, or add it to a wish list for later,” says Michel De Wachter, one of the two founders of Appiness, the start-up behind Spott.

Inspiration platform

Spott is not just an online store, but also a platform where you can find inspiration and share it with your friends or family.” - Jonas De Cooman, co-founder of Appiness

 “We believe Spott enriches the viewing experience of people who like to be inspired by what they experience,” adds De Cooman. You can use the wish list to gather the inspiration spotted on the TV screen and share spotted products with others through social media. Both the Spott app and website have a personalised home feed, which allows a more intimate and interactive experience with your favourite content. Spott leverages your preferences to give you inspiring scenes from programs and show you actors who are using relevant products and clothing. The app is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

Cohort 6 Start Up Appiness Launch Spott in Belgium

Belgium launch

From October 12th on, Spott will officially be launched in Belgium. After completing a successful trial period of 18 months together with Living Labs (iMinds), the testing results proved that Spott is one of the top 5% of the current innovations founded in Belgium. With almost 40,000 downloads (much more than the expected 10,000), it has been the 2nd most popular free app in the Apple Store in Belgium.

“The offering has been extended to about 3.5 viewing hours a day thanks to our partnership with Medialaan and RTL, which includes the popular soap ‘Familie’ and 'Les Reines du shopping' - Michel De Wachter, co-founder of Appiness

Spott also enables interactive advertising, which is the result of a partnership with Medialaan, RTL and BBDO. Spott will kick-start a first interactive campaign for JBC on October 18th.

“Appiness is providing an answer to our constant aim of offering our advertisers innovative and efficient solutions. Spott is based on a very simple idea: Get Immediately What You See (GIWYS) - Denis Masquelier, IP Managing Director  RTL TV Advertising Sales.



Cohort 6 Start Up Appiness Launch Spott in Belgium



More about Appiness

Appiness was founded in 2014 with the mission to improve the TV experience as part of the iMinds accelerator programme.

Spott is the initial, creative idea of Jonas De Cooman and Michel De Wachter, answering the question: “How could we make TV really interactive and personal?” Together, they have founded Appiness in order to shape their future vision and eventually satisfy, surprise and inspire the viewers by turning their favourite shows into real inspiration platforms.

Appiness was shortlisted for the 'IBC award' and won first place at the 'Chicago Booth Global New Venture Challenge' thanks to Spott. This year, the startup also participated at 'MIPtv' in Cannes and 'Sprockit Glory' at NAB in Las Vegas, where Appiness was nominated as one of the top five start-ups attending.

In addition to the Belgian launch, Appiness is also preparing an international roll-out. Appiness has opened up offices so far in London and Seoul for that purpose. Overall Appiness has so far been able to raise 3,1 million euro and received a 440.000 euro grant from IWT (Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology).

For more information about Appiness, please visit

Cohort 6 Start Up Appiness Launch Spott in Belgium