Calling all Agtech startups: Azure FarmBeats now available

Date Updated: Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Back in 2015, FarmBeats went from being a hackathon thought experiment to a fully-fledged agriculture research project developed by Microsoft. Today, FarmBeats has been released on Azure Marketplace to help farmers with low-cost agtech solutions. FarmBeats leverages unused TV spectrum to extend wi-fi connectivity over traditionally unconnected spaces like farms. It then combines sensors and drones for precision mapping of soil moisture, humidity, ambient temperature, pH levels, wind speed, wind direction and more.


Today’s announcement of preview availability Azure FarmBeats, an industry-specific cloud offering built on top of Azure, opens the door for the next generation of agtech startups working in yield optimization, microclimate prediction, water management and a whole range value-added services.

To learn more about Azure FarmBeats, click here.

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