Beijing Accelerator Welcomes 16 Startups into its 9th Cohort

Last month, Microsoft Accelerator in Beijing successfully kicked off its 9th batch with an onboarding boot camp, Azure migration workshop, stakeholder development training course, and a B2B sales training session.

“Although we’ve learned about stakeholder development concepts in the past, the accelerator program is a wonderful chance to learn it in the local language and share our business canvas in a broader discussion with all these talented founders” Bill Huang, Founder of Techsun Social Hub+

We welcomed a diverse group of 16 innovative startups from across industries such as IoT, FinTech, cloud, enterprise services, health, and artificial intelligence. The batch 9 startups represent a range of funding levels—from pre-Series A through Series B—and boast 6 female founders as well as an average team size of 42.

Please join us in congratulating the latest cohort as they embark on their 6-month journey through our Beijing Accelerator!


Cloudwise Technology Co., Ltd.

Cloudwise is China's leading business operation solutions provider. Cloudwise provides business operation service focusing on user experience and targeting business growth, which includes end-user experience management, business insights, APM business capacity planning to continually improve business and IT efficiency.


Anchora Information Technologies, Ltd.

MoPaaS is a leading PaaS provider in China, which is based on open cloud technologies. MoPaaS facilitates flexible management and dynamical allocation of containerized computing resources as well as agile continuous application delivery through streamlined app life-cycle management.


Hose Information Technology Co., Ltd.

EKuaiBao, a leading enterprise travel & expense management platform, provides revolutionary new experience of T&E management and mobile reimbursement procedure. EKuaiBao covers travel application, T&E booking, reimbursement, paying and analytics reporting, etc.  EKuaiBao brings enterprise T&E management into mobile era.


Qijiayoudao Network Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.

Xinrenxinshi is an HR system covering all human resources modules, designed to provide efficient and effective business services and help enterprises upgrade the human resources management model.

Micai Co., Ltd

MiCai provides automated portfolio and risk management solutions for the wealth management industry. MiCai uses artificial intelligence, data analysis and financial engineering to empower the wealth management industry to serve their clients better.


Beijing Yi Lu Cube Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Yi Lu Cube Technology Co., Ltd is a professional finance SDK service provider that applications can rapidly customize the service like e-wallet, red envelopes, financial management, IOU and insurance ect. At present, Yi Lu Cube have reached 200 million active clients.


Baikemy Tech Co.,Ltd

Baike tech focuses on promoting the popularization of medical science, and helps customer find cost-effective medical services.


DeepCare Technology Co., Ltd.

DeepCare is a technology company that uses artificial intelligence for medical imaging diagnoses. Through the integration of computer vision, deep learning and big data mining technology, DeepCare is dedicated to providing the best quality products and technical services to medical equipment manufacturers and primary care clinics.

Shanghai Clobotics Co., Ltd.

Clobotics offers a world-class commercial drone platform and aerial data analytics services based on cloud-driven machine learning algorithms which provides customer end-to-end solutions for commercial drone real-time data collection, instant data analytics, and processing on the cloud.  


Gump Come Technology Co., Ltd.

Gump Come is an AI innovation-oriented smart mini shop company, which provides a management platform and solution for smart mini shops in the retail industry.


Kebai Science Inc.

Kebai produces and develops intelligent, high-performance, low-cost agricultural IoT systems that provide overall solutions for precision management of irrigation, fertilizing, pesticide spraying for facility horticulture and high value-added crops. Kebai also helps farmers significantly reduce costs and substantially increase crop quality and yield.


Sino-Cloud Innovation Tech Co. ,Ltd.

Cloudinnov’s primary solution is “CI Cloud,” which is an IoT SaaS platform helping industrial customers remotely monitor, control, repair, and maintain their machines and robots. The solution combines cloud computing, AR, IoT, and big data technologies and has been implemented in many scenarios such as, highway electrical devices, oil field diesel engines, sewage treatment equipment, solar equipment, and electrical power distribution equipment.


Yunshen information technology Co.,Ltd.

DFocus pioneers workspace utilization and smart connected space solutions. The human-centered technology is embedded within smart office products, including a wireless occupancy sensor and IoT smart chair, and partners with Steelcase (NYSE-SCS).

Tricorn Technology Co., Ltd.

Tricorn is an Artificial Intelligence startup focused on developing a conversational platform that enables people to interact with various smart devices or virtual agents using natural language. Trio aims to provide world-leading solutions in open-domain Chatbots and task-oriented Spoken Dialogue Systems for IoT, enterprises and cyber entertainments.


Techsun Technology Co.,Ltd.

In the early 2016, Techsun launched its new product, Social Hub+, and began being officially used in business operations. Social Hub+ includes customized sensors, innovative application equipment, and an APP system and cloud service product, which helps the physical retailer overcome difficulties while they are under digital transformation.

Sensors Data Co., Ltd.

Sensors Data, a big data company, provides a deep-dive user behavior analysis. Sensors Data is dedicated to helping enterprise clients achieve data-driven targets, consulting services and industry solutions. Sensors can provide private deployment, build data warehouse, and offer PaaS platform to meet customized development demands.