Backstage Capital Announces First Cohorts of its Accelerator Program Backed by Microsoft for Startups

Back in September, we shared the news that Microsoft for Starutps had joined Backstage Capital as a launch partner for Backstage Accelerator. Today, Backstage shared details of the first cohorts of startups at its four accelerator locations with Fast Company and announced that the programs are launching in the coming weeks.


The first cohort of startups at Backstage Accelerator

At Microsoft for Startups, we’re focused on creating much greater diversity within our startup ecosystem. The founders who have been chosen to be a part of Backstage Capital’s inaugural cohorts represent a step toward greater diversity and representation and we’re excited to contribute support.

The new Backstage Accelerator is a three-month program “designed to give founders the support they need to reach their next critical milestone.” With locations in Detroit, London, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, Backstage Accelerator is created for underrepresented founders, providing them with the tools and mentorship needed for success.

To that end we will be providing technology and business support, extending the Microsoft for Startups offer to qualified Backstage Accelerator startups, and by committing mentorship and guidance to startups in the program.

The accelerators are scheduled to launch over the coming weeks:

● Detroit – March 12

● Philadelphia – March 21

● Los Angeles – March 26

● London – April 2

For more information about Backstage Accelerator and its cohort startups, you can visit:

If you would like more information about Microsoft for Startups, you can see our list of benefits here: /benefits/